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UK-Germany National Astronomy Meeting NAM2012


NAM 2012 is being organised by the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Manchester on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. The Scientific Organising Committee (SOC) is chaired by Albert Zijlstra, and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) by Philippa Browning.

Scientific Organising CommitteeLocal Organising Committee
Albert Zijlstra (Chair)
Philippa Browning (UKSP)
Andi Burkert (AG)
Michael Kramer
Rob Ivison
Ian Lyon
Bruno Maffei
Shude Mao
Carole Mundell
David Southwood (MIST)
Matthias Steinmetz (AG)
Simon White (AG)
Philippa Browning (Chair)
Clive Dickinson
Jamie Gilmour
Melanie Gendre
Georgina Harris
Anthony Holloway
Olivia Jones
Eamonn Kerins
Foteini (Claire) Lykou
Anna Mayall
Tim O'Brien
Michael Peel
Lizette Ramirez
Benjamin Stappers
Althea Wilkinson
Albert Zijlstra