Melanie Gendre
Researcher in Astrophysics (2006-2013)
Physics Teacher


A few lines about me

Born in France in 1981, I moved to Canada in 2001 to continue my undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria (BC). I stayed in Canada during my Master and PhD in Astronomy, attending the University of British Columbia, and graduated in 2010. I then worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics in Manchester (UK) until March 2013. I am now back in France.

Although I am not a big fan of the actual commute (I have quite a few air travel hell stories in my repertoire), I love travelling and count a few dozens destinations on my ”been there” list. My hobbies also include classical music (symphony and opera), painting, knitting and reading (with special interests in modern fantastic novels and 19th century French literature). I also really enjoy organising, well, pretty much anything.

My travel map

Some of my favorite pictures

VLA Arecibo ATCA Lovell GMRT
VLA, Soccoro, USA Arecibo, Puerto Rico ATCA, Narabri, Australia Lovell telescope, Manchester, UK GMRT, India
Bridge PuertoRico Sydney Sydney Olympics
Bridge to receiver, Arecibo Scuba diving in Puerto Rico Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia Olympic flame in Vancouver
Kayak Rio Riviera Scotland
Kayaking in Vancouver harbour Rio de Janeiro, Brazil French Riviera Scotland