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Upcoming JBCA and Schuster Colloquia

JBCA Colloquia begin at 3:00 pm every Wednesday in the Lovell Room (3.225) in the Alan Turing Building, unless otherwise stated. There will be coffee in the tea room starting at 2:40 pm before the talk. There will be tea, coffee, and biscuits with the speaker immediately after the talk at 4:00 pm in the tea room.

Schuster Colloquia start at 3:00 pm and take place in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre in the Schuster Building.

Extra seminars, which can be organised by anyone in the group separately from the colloquium series, are also included on this page for convenience.

To view a talk abstract, click on the talk title. Click again on the talk title to hide the abstract.

Want to suggest a speaker? Get in touch with the JBCA Colloquium organisers: Jens Chluba, Manisha Caleb, Mykola Gordovskyy, Mark Kennedy.

Jun 3 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Tessa Baker
Testing Gravity with Gravitational Waves
Jun 12 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Evan Keane
Cosmology with Fast Radio Bursts
Jun 17 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Daan Meerburg
(University of Groningen)
Towards a detection of primordial non-Gaussianity
Jun 24 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Prof. Dimitrios Giannios
(Purdue University)
The journey of relativistic astrophysical jets
Jul 22 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Debora Sijacki
(IoA Cambridge)
Supermassive black holes in all their guises
Aug 12 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Prof. Denise Gabuzda
(University College Cork)
Building up a Picture of the Global Magnetic Fields of Relativistic Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei
Sep 2 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Silvia Toonen
(University of Birmingham)
Stellar interactions & transients
Sep 10 Virtual Special Seminar
Nils Schoeneberg
(RWTH Aachen)
Cosmological tensions and how to ease them
Sep 16 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Monika Moscibrodzka
(Radboud University)
Polarization of synchrotron emission around black hole event horizon
Sep 30 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Olivier Dore
The SPHEREx All-Sky Infrared Spectral Survey Satellite
Oct 7 Virtual Schuster Colloquium
Prof. Andrew Siemion
(University of California, Berkeley)
Oct 14 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Oct 21 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Oct 28 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Vivian Poulin
(Laboratoire Univers et Particules de Montpellier)
Nov 4 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Nov 12 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Prof. Brian Metzger
(Columbia University)
Nov 18 Virtual Schuster Colloquium
Prof. Laura Baudis
(University of Zürich)
Nov 25 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Prof. Sami K. Solanki
(MPI Solar System Research)
Sunspots and starspots
Dec 2 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Kendall Ackley
(Monash University)
Gravitational Wave Astronomy with GOTO
Dec 9 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Fernando Camillo
MeerKAT Updates