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Upcoming JBCA and Schuster Colloquia

JBCA Colloquia begin at 3:00 pm every Wednesday in the Lovell Room (3.225) in the Alan Turing Building, unless otherwise stated. There will be coffee in the tea room starting at 2:40 pm before the talk. There will be tea, coffee, and biscuits with the speaker immediately after the talk at 4:00 pm in the tea room.

Schuster Colloquia start at 3:00 pm and take place in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre in the Schuster Building.

Extra seminars, which can be organised by anyone in the group separately from the colloquium series, are also included on this page for convenience.

To view a talk abstract, click on the talk title. Click again on the talk title to hide the abstract.

Want to suggest a speaker? Get in touch with the JBCA Colloquium organisers: Jens Chluba, Manisha Caleb, Mykola Gordovskyy, Aditya Rotti, Kaustubh Rajwade.

Sep 22 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Shari Breen
(SKA Observatory)
Unveiling the Milky Way: star formation and Galactic structure
Sep 30 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Kaustubh Rajwade
Unravelling the mysteries of Fast Radio Bursts with MeerTRAP
Oct 6 Schuster Colloquium
Prof. Emeritus Ralph Spencer
A Century of Cosmic Rays and Manchester's Role in their Study
Oct 13 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Anna Ho
The Landscape of Relativistic Stellar Explosions
Oct 20 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Prof. Albert Zijlstra
Stars that merge in the Milky Way
Oct 27 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Suvodip Mukherjee
(Perimeter Institute in Waterloo)
Multi-Messenger Cosmology: A New Frontier
Nov 3 Schuster Colloquium
Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer
(Max-Planck-Institute for Radioastronomy, Bonn)
Probing relativistic gravity with radio astronomy
Nov 10 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Prof. Pratika Dayal
(Kapteyn Institute)
Nov 17 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Dr. Eva-Maria Mueller
(University of Oxford)
Nov 24 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Prof. Tara Murphy
(University of Sydney)
Dec 1 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Ashley Villar
(Pennsylvania State University)
Dec 8 JBCA Virtual Colloquium
Simon Casassus
(University of Chile)