Our Research

Sun, Stars & Galaxies

Bug Nebula
Our Hubble Space Telescope image of the Bug Nebula shows complex outflows of gas from a fiery, dying star.
Image: ESA, NASA, Albert Zijlstra (JBCA)

Understanding the life cycle of matter in galaxies is among the most important quests of current astrophysics. Driven by new observational capabilities, the UK has become world leading in this field,

The Manchester Sun, Stars & Galaxies research group focuses on the crucial interface of stellar and galactic evolution. We specialise in solar plasma and magnetic fields, outflows and evolved stars, star formation and evolution, galactic structure, astrochemistry and interstellar dust, active galaxies, quasars and starbursts.

We make observations across the electromagnetic spectrum from radio to X-ray wavelengths, and combine them with theoretical models and laboratory measurements.

If you're considering applying to do your Ph.D. with us, we have a list of potential student projects.