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UK-Germany National Astronomy Meeting NAM2012

Press Releases

The following press releases were published during NAM 2012:

  1. UK-Germany joint National Astronomy Meeting 2012: 1st media announcement
  2. UK-Germany joint National Astronomy Meeting 2012: 2nd media announcement
  3. Public to get access to spectacular infrared images of galaxies
  4. Evidence stacks up that monolith at Gardom's Edge is astronomically aligned
  5. New SCUBA-2 camera reveals wild youth of the universe
  6. Watching space weather through the MAGIC of CubeSat CINEMA
  7. Jupiter helps Halley's Comet give us more spectacular meteor displays
  8. e-MERLIN's deep radio survey of the Hubble Deep Field: first results
  9. GOODS-Herschel reveals gas mass role in creating fireworks versus beacons of star formation
  10. Astronomers detect vast amounts of gas and dust around black hole in early universe
  11. 'Ordinary' black hole discovered 12 million light years away
  12. Solar 'climate change' could cause rougher space weather
  13. Met Office to Provide Space Weather Warnings for Planet Earth and Forecasts for Exoplanets
  14. Huge tornadoes discovered on the Sun
  15. How interstellar beacons could help future astronauts find their way across the universe
  16. Solar Eruptions Cause Sun Quakes
  17. Supersonic snowballs in hell: how comets fizzle out or survive a flight through the Sun's atmosphere
  18. Cassini makes simultaneous measurements of Saturn's nightside aurora and electric current system
  19. Comet Wild2: First Evidence of Space Weathering
  20. Milky Way image reveals detail of a billion stars
  21. Brand new European Astronomy Journalism Prize launches at NAM
  22. When dark energy turned on
  23. CODITA: measuring the cosmic dust swept up by the Earth

Press conference

Science team members Will Percival, Ashley Ross, Ariel Sanchez and Rita Tojeiro gave a press conference at NAM 2012 on their press release "When dark energy turned on". The audio of the press conference is available here: