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UK-Germany National Astronomy Meeting NAM2012

Getting around Manchester

Restaurants and shopping

The University of Manchester is south of Manchester City Centre. University Place is a main road, Oxford Road. If you go south on this road, you will come to the Curry Mile, which has a large number of restaurants mostly specialising in curry. If you go north, you will come to a circular building (the central library). Go east (right) here and you will come to the City Centre, home to a number of shops and cafe's.

Tourist information

Manchester has played a prominent role in the history of science and technology (Dalton, Joule, Rutherford, Turing, to mention just a few famous names). The city provides a range of tourist facilities for delegates wishing to spend longer in the area, and is the now the most visited city in the UK after London. The Museum of Science and Industry should be of especial interest to our delegates, but there are many other galleries, museums, stately homes, industrial heritage sites and the world-famous Manchester United stadium - as well as easy access to the Peak District, Chester, Liverpool, North Wales and many other places of interest.

The following webpages give useful information about the University of Manchester and Manchester in general: