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Dr. Clive Dickinson


Professor of Astrophysics and Head of the Sun, Stars and Galaxies (SSG) Group

I am Professor of Astrophysics and Head of the Sun, Stars and Galaxies (SSG) Group at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Manchester. I am also the course director for the MSc by research in Astronomy and Astrophysics programme.

We hosted the first workshop on Anomlaous Microave Emission (AME). If you would like to view the talk titles (with downloadable pdf slides) please click here. You can download papers related to work presented at the meeting, from the Hindawi website here.

Researchers in my group

Dr Yin-Zhe Ma. Working on intensity mapping and cosmology, including Planck and kinetic SZ effect.

Dr Marie-Anne Bigot-Sazy. Working on simulations and data analysis for HI intensity mapping experiments and BINGO. Also works on QUBIC CMB experiment.

Dr Mathieu Remazeilles. Working on CMB foregrounds, Planck, and component separation.

Dr Michael Peel. Working on Galactic foregrounds and calibration for Planck. Also works on C-BASS, OCRA and AME.

Dr Matias Vidal. PhD student (2010-2013). Post-doc 2014--present. Working on foregrounds, including polarization spurs and Anomalous Microwave Emission for Planck.

Current students:-

Lucas Olivari. PhD student (2014-2017). Brazilian-funded PhD student working on intensity mapping and cosmology.

Michael D'Cruze. PhD student (2011-2014) supervised by Prof Richard Davis. Spectral line surveys with the Lovell telescope.

Shweta Agarwal. PhD student (2011-2014). Working on data analysis of CBI Galactic data.

Adam Colclough. MSc student (2014-2015). Working on beam measurements and systematics for BINGO.

Stuart Harper. PhD student (2011-2014). Working on the QUIJOTE experiment and spinning dust.

Previous group members

Melis Irfan. PhD student (2010-2014). Worked on C-BASS data analysis and foreground characterization.

Kate Voller. PhD student (2011-2014) supervised by Prof Richard Battye. Worked on HI intensity mapping simulations with intereferometers and data analysis.

Dr Lorenzo Trojan. Worked on radio technology in collaboration with KACST.

Costantinos Demetroullas. MSc(R) student (2011-2012). Worked CBI Galactic plane mapping. Now a PhD student at Manchester with Dr Michael Brown.

Hazel Martindale. Summer student (2011). Analysed e-VLA data to map the M78 region. Now a PhD student at the University of Sussex.

Hadrien Montanelli. Work placement student (2011-2012). Worked on radio interferometry and CBI mapping of Galactic objects

Dimitrios Stamadianos. MSc student (2009-2010). Analysed CBI 30 GHz data of W40 to constrain diffuse radiation components including anomalous dust emission.

Antonio Pasqua. MSc student (2009-2010). Analysing spectra from WMAP to constrain the best frequencies for CMB observations in total-intensity and polarization.

I acknowledge and appreciate funding from STFC (Advanced Fellowship and consolidated grant to the University of Manchester), an EU Re-Integration Grant (IRG), an ERC Starting Grant, and KACST (Saudi Arabia).

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