Our Research

Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology People

Academic staff

Prof. Richard BattyeCosmology
Prof. Sarah BridleCosmology
Prof. Michael BrownCosmology
Dr Clive DickinsonCMB foregrounds, Cosmology
Dr Neal JacksonExtragalactic Astronomy
Dr Scott KayCosmology
Dr J.P. LeahyExtragalactic Astronomy
Prof. Shude Mao Theoretical Astrophysics (On leave at NAOC)


Dr George BendoALMA; dust and star formation in nearby galaxies
Dr Rob Beswicke-MERLIN
Prof. Ian BrowneEmeritus
Prof. R. D. DaviesEmeritus
Prof. Richard DavisPlanck, CMB technology
Dr Keith GraingeSKA
Prof. Simon Garringtone-MERLIN
Dr Bruno MaffeiCMB technology
Dr Tom MuxlowALMA, e-MERLIN
Prof. Alan PedlarEmeritus
Prof Richard SchilizziSKA
Dr Althea WilkinsonSKA
Prof. P.N. WilkinsonCMB, Extragalactic Astronomy

Research Staff

Dr Megan Argoe-MERLIN, Active Galaxies
Dr David BarnesAGN Feedback
Dr Marie-Anne Bigot-SazyHI intensity mapping, CMB
Dr Anna BonaldiCMB, Planck, Epoch of Reionisation
Dr Stefano Cameratheoretical and observational cosmology
Dr Ian HarrisonSuperCLASS, Cosmology, Weak Gravitational Lensing
Dr Yin-Zhe Maintensity mapping
Dr Francesco Pacetheoretical cosmology
Dr Michael PeelPlanck, C-BASS, CMB foregrounds
Dr Mathieu RemazeillesCMB Foregrounds, Component Separation
Dr Rafal SzepietowskiSuperCLASS, Cosmology, Weak Gravitational Lensing
Dr Amit TagoreGravitational lenses
Dr Matias Vidal NavarroPlanck, QUIET, CMB foregrounds
Dr Bob WatsonCMB, Planck
Dr Joe ZuntzDES, C-BASS, Weak lensing


Sam CusworthModified gravity (PhD, Scott Kay & Richard Battye)
Constantinos DemetroullasRadio weak lensing (PhD, Michael Brown & Neal Jackson)
Philippa HartleyModelling polarized radio source population for weak lensing studies (part-time PhD, Neal Jackson)
Stuart HarperQUIJOTE (PhD, Clive Dickinson)
Niall MaccrannWeak lensing (PhD, Sarah Bridle)
Jonathan QuinnGravitational lenses (PhD, Neal Jackson)
Kate VollerHI intensity mapping (PhD, Richard Battye & Clive Dickinson)
Chris WallisCMB B-mode polarization (PhD, Michael Brown & Richard Battye)
Lee WhittakerWeak lensing (PhD, Michael Brown & Richard Battye)
Nick WrigleyDeep field radio observations (PhD, Rob Beswick)


Andrew JonesPAHs in nearby galaxies
Dr Dick LongModelling external galaxies and the Milky Way using the made-to-measure method
Dr Magda TodorovićVSA, C-BASS, CMB foregrounds and radio surveys

Previous Staff

Dr Janine van EymerenGas kinematics in star-forming galaxies
Dr Melanie GendreExtragalactic Astronomy
Dr Giampaolo PisanoCMB technology
Dr Alkistis PourtsidouCosmic strings
Dr Vladislav StolyarovResearch associate at CPAC.
Dr Tess JaffePlanck, galactic foregrounds
Dr Stuart LowePlanck, OCRA, public outreach

Past Students

Zamri Zainal AbidinWorked on polarization simulations for Planck LFI as part of his PhD (2005).
Marta AlvesRadio Recombination Line surveys of the Galaxy
Francisco BlancoNon-Gaussianity for the VSA.
Sarah Bryan
Kieran ClearyCompleted his PhD thesis (2003) on radio source foregrounds for the VSA. Now at JPL.
Carlos Gutierrez de la Cruz
Alan DuffyLarge scale structure formation
Danielle FenechStill affiliated, employed by UCL
Jennifer GuptaRadio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei (blazars); SENSE
Marieke HabericherSpinning Skyrmions (PhD)
Yaser HafezStudied weather and calibration effects on the VSA for his PhD.
Roger Hoyland
Melis IrfanC-BASS
Lingjie KongDust in nearby galaxies (MSc, George Bendo)
Mark McCullochQUIET instrumentation (PhD, Lucio Piccirillo)
Adam MossWorked on designing and constraining models of inflation and quintessence for his PhD.
Richard NewtonNumerical simulations of structure formation (PhD)
Junghwan Oh
Steven PedianiDark energy and large scale structure.
Jonathan PearsonTheoretical cosmology - kinky vortons
Simon PikeNumerical simulations of structure formation (PhD)
Michael PreecePolarizations of the CMB
Edward ReevesF(R) gravity (part-time PhD)
Dimitrios StamadianosCBI observations of the Galaxy
Richard TaylorNumerical simulations of structure formation
Chris TibbsCMB foregrounds and anomalous dust.
Dandan XuGravitational lensing and galaxy evolution
Helen YatesTested Planck radiometers for her MSc (2005)