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PhD projects 2016

PhD projects offered for starting in 2016 are listed below. Click on the project title to see a description of the project. You are encouraged to email directly the project supervisor to discuss it with them.

Email address (to be appended with is shown in square brackets below the supervisor name.

If you have ideas of your own for potential projects then please contact either a member of staff working within the relevant research area or else email the JBCA PhD admissions officer, Dr. Michael Keith [Michael.Keith] who can put you in contact with a member of staff.

Primary SupervisorProject TitleDescriptionResearch TypesFunding
Prof. Stappers [Ben.Stappers] Searching for pulsars and fast transients with MeerKAT Finding pulsars and fast transients with the next generation of radio telescopes. Pulsars, Instrumentation, Computational Astrophysics. STFC
Prof. Davis [Richard.Davis] Galactic Foregrounds and their relevance to the Cosmic Microwave Background With the increases in sensitivity of CMB experiments Foregrounds become more and more important. Cosmology and the early Universe, Observational STFC
... More coming soon. Please do contact us if you have your own project ideas.