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Work Experience at JBCA

The Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics (JBCA), is the astronomical research centre of the University of Manchester, and is one of the largest astrophysics groups in the country. The research interests of the JBCA span almost every area of astrophysics, from the Sun to the Big Bang and we are one of the world's most important centres for the technical development of radio telescopes and instrumentation. The JBCA is also responsible for the operation of the eMERLIN and VLBI national facilities and the Lovell telescope; the operations centre for these facilities is at Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire. The Observatory will also be the site of the new international project office for the Square Kilometre Array telescope.

We are occasionally able to take on school/A-Level students for short periods of work experience. Our next placement week will take place from 29th June - 3rd July. We will be taking on a group of between 6 and 12 students, who will spend the week working across a range of short astrophysics projects and experiments at our main research centre in the Alan Turing Building in the University of Manchester campus .

Eligibility for the work experience programme:

We regret that we're unable to consider applications from students in earlier years, or from students who will complete their A-level courses this year. We can't consider applications for placements on alternative dates. Dates for next summer's work experience week have not yet been set but will likely be in early July 2015.

To apply, please fill in our online application form.If you're unable to access it you can download a copy (download in DOC or PDF format and email it to with the subject line 'JBCA work experience 2015' or post to the address at the bottom of the form. All applications must be received by the end of day on Friday, 10th April.