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An image of the ring around the star Lambda Orionis, made with the ESA Planck satellite. Rings and Loops in the stars: Planck's stunning new images
8 July 2015: A ring of dust 200 light years across and a loop covering a third of the sky: two of the results in a new map from the Planck satellite.
An artists rendition of the encounter of the pulsar with the companion star Astronomers predict fireworks from a close encounter of the stellar kind
3 July 2015: Astronomers are predicting a close encounter between a stellar remnant the size of a city and one of the brightest stars in the Milky Way.
Artist impression First Light Pavilion Jodrell Bank secures major Heritage Lottery Fund support
20 May 2015: The University of Manchesterís Jodrell Bank Observatory has received Heritage Lottery Fund support* for a £12,147,200 bid for the 'First Light' project, aiming to conserve and restore the heritage of the Jodrell Bank site and create a spectacular new space in which visitors can engage with and learn about the journey to explore our place in the Universe.
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