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Planck map of the CMB. Massive neutrinos solve a cosmological conundrum
10 February 2014: Scientists have solved a major problem with the current standard model of cosmology identified by combining results from the Planck spacecraft and measurements of gravitational lensing in order to deduce the mass of ghostly sub-atomic particles called neutrinos.
Discovery Centre Planet Pavilion. Jodrell's visitor centre reaches for the stars
20 January 2014: The award-winning Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre looks set to expand thanks to a 250,000 pound donation from the Wolfson Foundation.
The team of scientists. Was Einstein right? Scientists to image event horizon of black hole
17 December 2013: The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded 14 Million Euros to a team of European astrophysicists to construct the first accurate image of a black hole. The team will test the predictions of current theories of gravity, including Einstein's theory of General Relativity.
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