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Haslam et al (1982) 408 MHz radio map of the sky reprocessed by Remazailles et al (2014) Giant radio loops: What are they?
7 November 2014: The radio sky is full of giant loops and elongated features which have been known since the earliest days of radio astronomy. Using data from the WMAP satellite and reprocessed classic maps of the sky, astronomers at Jodrell Bank suggest these loops may be produced by a nearby expanding shell driven by supernova explosions and the radiation from massive stars.
Artist's impression of the gas ejected in the nova explosion Astronomers see right into the heart of an exploding star
8 October 2014: Highly detailed images produced using radio telescopes across Europe and America have pinpointed the locations where a stellar explosion called a nova emitted gamma rays (the most energetic form of electromagnetic waves).
Section of the IPHAS Milky Way image 219 million stars in catalogue of the Milky Way
16 September 2014: A new catalogue of the visible part of the northern part of our Milky Way Galaxy including no fewer than 219 million stars has been published today. The IPHAS team is led by the University of Hertfordshire and includes the University of Manchester.
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