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UK-Germany National Astronomy Meeting NAM2012


Congratulations to the winners, Durham Old Boys of Durham University, and the runners up, ARC de Triomphe of Queens University Belfast! The scoresheet by Powerleague is now available. Pictures will be coming soon!

The traditional 5-a-side football competition will be held on Wednesday 28th March at PowerLeague in Ardwick between 6.30 and 10.30pm (a 15 minute walk from the conference venue). This should be even more exciting than ever due to the international dimension. There will be a buffet after the competition, and the winning team will receive a trophy. All delegates are welcome to enter.

It is the responsibility of the contact/captain to make sure that 5 people are available to play at 6.30-10.30pm. You may use up to two substitutes.

There is still space for individuals to register for one of the 3 scratch teams. Please send an e-mail to Mark Purver at mark.purver@manchester.ac.uk if you are interested.

Important information for players!

The tournament will take place at Powerleague, 20 Union Street, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 4JD. This is less than a mile from the conference venue at University Place, and directions are shown here.

Guides will be available to walk people from University Place to Powerleague, leaving at 6pm. Player registration begins at 6:30pm, with play starting at 7pm.

The astroturf, on which the matches will be played, is suitable for trainers or astroturf boots with small studs. Please do not wear football boots with big studs! You are strongly advised to wear shin pads - this is advised by the Powerleague organisation and by us. Bibs will be provided to identify teams, but team-mates are encouraged to wear similar colours if they wish.

Lockers are available at Powerleague, so please bring as few personal belongings as possible and LOCK THEM UP! There is a returnable deposit of 5 for each locker, so it is a good idea for people to share lockers. Don't leave things on or around the pitches, except tracksuit tops and trousers. All belongings are left at your own risk, even in the lockers.

Finally, team captains are responsible for making sure their players turn up and register!

The 12 registered teams are: