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Active Galaxies Newsletter

An electronic publication dedicated to the observations and theory of active galaxies

The Active Galaxies Newsletter is an electronic publication dedicated to the observation and theory of active galaxies. It is intended to be used to notify others in the field of recently accepted papers, conference proceedings and dissertations, and also contains announcements of jobs and conferences. It is produced monthly and sent to over 600 subscribers (a number which is growing every month).

In this sense the newsletter follows on from many other similar free newsletters, such as AGB newsletter, Magellanic Cloud newsletter or the Galactic Centre News (last issue 2008!).

Active Galaxies Newsletter General notice:

The Active Galaxies Newsletter was initially set up by Anthony Holloway in October 1996 as a general and free service to the astronomical community and in particular researchers in the field of active galaxies. The newsletter has continued ever since, edited by Anthony Holloway (October 1996 to April 1997), Matt Redman (November 1997 to September 2000), Rob Beswick (October 2000 to 2009), Janine van Eymeren (2009 - 2010), Melanie Gendre (2011 - March 2013) and Megan Argo (November 2013 - ). It is based at The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

The original, and continuing, intention is for the newsletter to advertise newly accepted papers and dissertations on any area of research relating to active galaxies to other like-minded astronomers prior to their appearance in the relevant journals or conference proceedings. The newsletter is designed to only include papers that have been ACCEPTED for publication and in this sense differs from preprint servers such as astro-ph where no such requirement is needed. As editor, I wish to request that contributers adhere to this general policy.

In addition the newsletter also accepts advertisements for new jobs in the field, and announcements for upcoming conferences or meetings. This service is considered useful to some as it is straight forward to use and results in an advertisement of new jobs and meetings directly to the researchers who are most interested.


Subscribe instructions:- Simply send an email to with "SUBSCRIBE AGNEWS" in the body.

Unsubscribe instructions:- To remove yourself from the mailing list, please send a blank email to

Subscription problems:- If you have any problems subscribing to or unsubscribing from the newsletter, please send an email to and someone will respond to you.

Once you subscribe, a monthly update will be sent to you including the web address where you can download the new edition of the Newsletter (in LaTeX, gzipped postscript, pdf and html format). The latest edition and archives of the active galaxies newsletter are available for download either as gzipped postscript or LaTeX format here.

In addition to the monthly update you will also receive a call for contributions to the next addition of the Newsletter. This will be sent approximately one week to ten days before the new edition is compiled. This email will be easily distinguished from the newsletter by its subject heading and can hence be filtered from your inbox or ignored if not required.

NOTE:- Email addresses and details of subscribers are not published anywhere (on the web or otherwise). As the editor, I do not wish subscribers to be further bombarded with unsolicited email as the result of their participation in this newsletter. Any email address that repeatedly bounces when mail is sent to it, either new issues or calls for contributions, will be automatically unsubscribed from the newsletter mailing lists by LISTSERV.

Submitting abstracts, Dissertation abstracts, Meeting announcements & Job News

To submit a contribution to the newsletter

Submitting a contribution to the newsletter could not be simpler. All you have to do is edit the LaTeX macro provided, placing your abstract, the authors names and addresses in the appropriate gaps. This LaTeX macro can then be easily processed by you to check of any mistakes. It really is that simple! When submitting job adverts or meeting adverts please just edit the macro in similar manner.

Note: paper abstracts MUST include a link to where the paper can be downloaded (either as a preprint on the arXiv or somewhere similar, or the journal's final version if already published). Details of meetings or announcements of opportunities must include a website where further information may be obtained, and an email address for further enquires.

When you are satisfied that all the details added in the macro are complete and correct, simply email the abstract to with the subject heading 'ABSTRACT' or 'MEETING' etc as appropriate. If you are sending multiple contributions, please add a note either in the subject heading or at the top of the email stating how many and what sort of contribution you are sending.

Note that it does not matter when in the month a contribution is submitted as all items submitted between deadlines will be stored and added to the next edition.

The LaTeX macros for submitting abstracts of recently accepted papers and dissertations are available here and are also appended to each issue of the newsletter.

Following the re-formatting of these pages, (from February 2005 onwards) an additional effort will be made to place directly on the webpage any special announcements, meeting and conference adverts, job adverts and thesis abstracts within the relevant new pages which are linked to on the side bar, in order to give these better exposure. Note however that this will be on done on a best efforts basis by the Active Galaxies Newsletter team (i.e. me!). As always all announcements, adverts and and abstracts of all kinds will still be included in the newsletter.

If at any point you are unsure of anything do not hesitate in contacting me at with any enquires and I will do my best to help. In some circumstances I will accept ASCII contributions to the newsletter. In particular this is service is for people who have unusual announcements to make or are unable for some reason to use the macros. In these circumstances I would request that the contributers please correspond, via email with me as soon as the need arises.