Our Research

Meetings & Conferences


15-16 September 2016e-MERLIN and Jodrell Bank Observatory : A radio astronomy facility for the SKA era
23-24 May 2016RAS Astrophysical Chemistry Group Meeting


5-7 May 2015Towards the Radio-Detection of Cosmic Particles with the SKA
30-31 March 2015UK ALMA Science Meeting


16 December 2014URSI Festival of Radio Science
6-7 October 2014Techniques for Radio Weak Lensing
10-11 April 2014e-MERLIN Early Science meeting
17-18 February 2014Alliance Workshop on energetic particles in solar flares
20-21 January 2014e-MERLIN data school


11-13 September 2013Understanding the Radio Continuum Universe with SKA Pathfinders: The 3rd SKA Pathfinders Radio Continuum Surveys (SPARCS) meeting
2-6 September 2013CASPER 2013 Annual Meeting
28 May 2013Implications of Planck for Fundamental Physics
15-19 April 2013LOFAR imaging busy week
28 February-1 March 2013SCUBA2 data reduction workshop


13-16 November 2012RadioNet workshop: Advanced radio interferometry, commissioning skills and preparation for the SKA
18-19 June 2012UK ALMA Community Days
18-20 April 2012Resolving The Sky - Radio Interferometry: Past, Present and Future
27-30 March 2012Royal Astronomical Society National Astronomy Meeting 2012


14-16 December 2011ALMA Band 2 and ALMA Data Reduction Workshops
2-4 November 2011Black Holes in a Violent Universe
30 Aug-1 Sept 2011LOFAR-UK data school
18-20 July 2011The 41st Young European Radio Astronomers Conference


20-24 September 201010th European VLBI Network Symposium and the EVN Users Meeting
12-14 July 2010Planck Working Group 7 Meeting
21-22 June 2010UK Astrophysics SPH Forum 2010
20-25 June 2010Asymmetric Planetary Nebulae V
31 March - 1 April 2010CASA 2010 UK ARC
29-30 March 2010ALMA Science in Galaxies
22-25 March 2010SKA2010 - International SKA Science and Engineering Meeting
5 March 2010Image Processing Techniques with Applications in Astronomy
7-8 January 2010Astrochemistry at High Resolution

Previous years

9-13 November 2009MCCT-SKADS Technical Workshop
7-11 September 2009ERIS 2009
22-26 September 2008EPTA & NSDN Meetings
15-17 September 2008UK Cosmology Meeting
21-25 January 2008Manchester Microlensing Conference
1-5 October 2007From Planets to Dark Energy: The Modern Radio Universe
10-12 April 2006Marie Curie Conference
25-26 September 20042004 SARA / UK Radio Astronomy Conference