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MCCT-SKADS Technical Workshop:

The SKA and Digital Signal Processing.

9th -13th November 2009, The University of Manchester, UK.

A combined SKA and Marie Curie Conference and Training Course under MCCT-SKADS on the digital signal processing and beam-forming requirements and available technologies for the Square Kilometre Array.

SKA Inner 5 km Schematic, 2-PAD at JBO, Embrace under construction

The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics is pleased to announce a technical workshop on enabling technologies for the Square Kilometre Array, specialising on digital signal processing (DSP) and beam-forming. The SKA presents major technical challenges for DSP due to the high data rates and the very large number of receptor elements. This workshop aims to confront these challenges by looking at the SKA hardware and algorithm requirements. Discussions will include developments on current pathfinders, emerging technologies and how these can be scaled to those required for the SKA. The participants are expected to be a mixture of experts from the astronomical and industrial communities and newcomers.

The workshop will consist of invited and contributed talks, with time for discussion.

The meeting is part sponsored by the Marie Curie SKADS programme, under the European Union 6th Framework programme. Female and young researchers are especially encouraged to participate.

The meeting will be held in the Alan Turing Building of the University of Manchester, with one day of the workshop at Jodrell Bank Observatory.(Locations)

Programme & Presentations

Click the link for the detailed programme. Below are the presentations from the speakers.

1) Setting the scene Turing Building, Manchester

Introduction to radio astronomy signal conditioning and digital signal processing

Introduction to the SKA Telescope - Peter Dewdney

Introduction to Analogue Systems in Radio Astronomy - Richard Davis

Introduction to Systems and Digital Signal Processing - Ralph Spencer

Signal Processing requirements for the SKA - Wallace Turner

2) The status of current developments and pathfinders

Introduction to 2-PAD - Georgina Harris

Signal Processing for 2-PAD - Chris Shenton

e-MERLIN - Simon Garrington

e-MERLIN correlator - Roger Noble

Beamforming for 2-PAD - Aziz Ahmedsaid

Beamformer architecture using the CASPER system - Giovanni Naldi

3) Signal processing algorithms requirements

Beamforming Techniques for EMBRACE and LOFAR - Gijs Schoonderbeek

2-PAD Digital Beamforming - Kris Zarb Adami

Uniboard - Bringing Radio Telescope Processing to the Next Level - Gijs Schoonderbeek

2-PAD, digital beamforming systems - Jack Hickish

3D space-time filtering of FPA signals - Bruton

FPGA Based Correlators Using CASPER and the PAPER project - Foster

Non-Imaging Applications - Stappers

Tools for FPGA Design

Technologies & platforms - DSP Industry Day

Workshop Assessment Form

At the end of the meeting would all registered particpants (not including visiting speakers) please complete the feedback form


Ralph Spencer (Chair), Wallace Turner, Peter Wilkinson, Chris Shenton, Kris Zabadami, Stelio Montebugnoli, Phillipe Picard, Albert-Jan Boonstra.


Lisa McDermot, Georgina Harris, Richard Davis, Tom Wise, Anthony Holloway, Althea Wilkinson, James Sexton.