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From Planets to Dark Energy: The Modern Radio Universe

1st - 5th October 2007, University of Manchester

This meeting will focus on the current state of knowledge, as revealed by observations and theory, of the key science themes to be addressed by the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). The SKA will have of the order of a million square metres of collecting area and will achieve a spatial resolution better than 0.1 arcsecond at 1.4 GHz. With such a telescope, some of the major questions of our time can be addressed. What are dark energy and dark matter? What is the origin of the observed structure in the Universe? How did planets like the Earth form?

The location and timing of the meeting are deliberate; October 4th 2007 will be the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik I and the radar detection of the Sputnik launch rocket by the 76-m (250-ft) Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory. This meeting will therefore celebrate 50 years of the Space Age and the Lovell telescope with a review of the modern state of radio astronomy and the new horizons that the SKA will open.

Release of Proccedings

The mjority of written contributions for 'From Planets to Dark Energy: The Modern Radio Universe' are now available. These proceedings are published by PoS, and are available on their website, and will be made available on ADS in due course.

Public Lecture: Tuesday 2nd October at 19:00

Brian Boyle, the director of the Australian Telescope National Facility, will give a free public lexture entitled '100 years of Radio Astronomy: A future Persepctive'. All delegates are inivited to attend.

Invited Reviews: Chris Carilli, Jim Cordes, Andrea Ferrara, Carlos Frenk, Bryan Gaensler, Guido Garay, Michael Kramer, Steve Rawlings, Frank Shu and Kandu Subramanian.

Invited Speakers: Xiang-Ping Wu, Ger de Bruyn, John Conway, Elaine Sadler, Sarah Bridle, Bernard Schutz, Rick Jenet, Friedrich Wyrowski, Jason Spyromilio, Jin-Lin Han, Phil Kronberg, Jill Tarter, Rob Fender, Heino Falcke, Angela Olinto, Peter Wilkinson, Tony Beasley and Richard Schilizzi.

The Scientific Organising Committee: Susanne Aalto (Sweden), Rustan Dagkesamanskiy (Russia), Phil Diamond (UK) Chairman of SOC, Luigina Feretti (Italy), Steve Furlanetto (USA), Bryan Gaensler (USA), Vicky Kaspi (Canada), Dick Manchester (Australia), Steve Rawlings (UK), Luis Rodriguez (Mexico), Ravi Subrahmanyan (India), Richard Schilizzi (SKA Project, Netherlands) Co-Chair of SOC, Alex Szalay (USA), Jill Tarter (USA), Xiang-Ping Wu (China).

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