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Conference Proceedings

Release of Proccedings

The proceedings for 'From Planets to Dark Energy: The Modern Radio Universe' are now available in a 'piece-meal'fashion as the final contributions are accepted. These proceedings are available from the PoS website now, and will be made available on ADS in due course.

General information

The 'From Planets to Dark Energy: The Modern Radio Universe' proceedings will be published in the online journal "Proceedings of Science" - PoS - organized by SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste. The deadline for submission will be

November 30th, 2007

The maximum page limits for individual contributions to MRU2007 will be:-

  • Review presentations - Unlimited number of pages
  • Invited presentations - 10 pages
  • Contributory presentations - 5 pages
  • Poster presentations - 3 pages

Since this conference proceedings will appear only on-line it will be possible for authors to include colour figures if they wish to.

All contributions to the MRU2007 proceedings will be refereed by the MRU2007 Editorial Board, which is composed of the members of the MRU Scientific and Local Organising Committees. The chairman in charge of the proceedings can be contacted at, and all enquiries concerning the proceedings should be sent to this E-mail address.

Preparation of the contributions

The contributions can be prepared using either LaTeX or MS Word. The final format must be a pdf document in the PoS style. A .tar archive with the corresponding style files can be downloaded here. This package contains the LaTeX class, a skeleton file for MS Word contributions, and a pdf file with detailed instructions.

Submission of contributions

Contributions can only be submitted as pdf-documents by web upload from the PoS web page. All registered contributors will receive an E-mail shortly before the conference. This E-mail contains the contribution code, a personal user ID, and a password. The contribution code will be used to identify the paper together with the general identifier for the conference MRU2007. The full code of a paper is then, e.g., PoS(MRU2007)023. The personal user ID and the password allow you to log in at "login for AUTHORS" on the PoS web page and to submit your paper there. Once your contribution is uploaded, it will be refereed by the MRU2007 Editorial Board. If the paper is fine it will go online, otherwise the author will be contacted.


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