Vector spaces for Quantum Mechanics

PHYS 20602

Exam Feedback

Specific feedback on the 2009 and 2010 exams is available on Teachweb. There are a few differences between the current syllabus and the one used in 2009; this will be detailed in a handout so that you can use the 2009 paper for revision. I have also prepared the following document which highlights some of the common errors made by beginners in handling the mathematics of quantum mechanics, which is probably worth reading both by most students on this course.

Lecture Notes

Typeset lecture notes, slightly expanded from what was written down in the lectures, are now available on Blackboard for the complete course. (Lectures 1 to 22).


I aim to release one handout every two weeks, mainly containing exercises related to each lecture and the answers to the exercises on the previous handouts.

Powerpoint Slides


There is no ideal textbook for the course and I recommend you consult several. Handout 1 contains a discussion of some of the most useful. Shankar's book is the nearest thing to a course text, but you may find Townsend more useful as it gives a different perspective from the lectures:

Resources at other web sites

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