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Adam Avison

Adam Avison


My area of research is massive star formation. My academic CV can be found here.

During my PhD I worked on the Methanol MultiBeam (MMB) Survey, primarily with the high resolution interferometric data from ATCA. These data were used for maser positioning and compact radio source detection. As part of the MMB, I have experience working at the Parkes radio telescope and the ATCA. The latter leading to experience working in both the MIRIAD and AIPS data reduction packages. Following my PhD my work continues in exploring the MMB results, including the MMB excited OH maser data.

Beyond the MMB, I am currently part of the team investigating the massive star formation occuring in the infrared dark cloud SDC335, in which my work is focussed on the radio continuum and spectral line follow-up of the ALMA data of this source.

My work with ALMA throught the UK ARC Node means I have extensive knowledge of the ALMA telescope and reduction of ALMA data (using the CASA reduction software).


A link to NASA ADS for papers I have written/appeared on.


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I regularly partake in ALMA related outreach events in the UK. I was co-lead of the Manchester/Cambridge (and head Manchester group) group responsible for the ALMA exhibition at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2012. As part of this I wrote, with Samuel George, the Pynterferometer a python based visulization tool for introducing interferometery to the public. It can be downloaded here. If you have any problems with it drop me an email! For more information on my outreach activities please see my CV.