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The Jodrell Bank Pulsar Group

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Picture of members of the pulsar group 2016, Picture
by Beverley Hancock.  Click to enlarge

Academic Staff
Member Research Area
Prof. Benjamin Stappers
Head of Group
Pulsar timing and searching, emission mechanism, instrumentation
Dr. Patrick Weltevrede Emission mechanism, polarisation, timing
Dr. Michael Keith Square Kilometre Array, pulsar searching and timing
Dr. Rene Breton Pulsars, transients, binary systems, neutron star equations of state
Prof. Andrew Lyne Pulsar timing & searching, instrumentation
Prof. Sir Francis Graham-Smith Pulsar timing & searching, instrumentation
Prof. Ralph Spencer X-ray binaries, cosmic rays, instrumentation
Technical Staff
Member Research areas
Dr. Christine Jordan Timing & Searching, data processing, software development
Dr. Mitch Mickaliger Square Kilometre Array, transient searching & instrumentation, data processing
Dr. Prabu Thiagaraj Square Kilometre Array
Dr. Jayanta Roy Square Kilometre Array

Postdoctoral Researchers Postgraduate Researchers
Member Research area Member Research area
Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharyya
Marie Curie Research Fellow
Pulsar timing and Searching Sally Cooper LOFAR, pulsar searching, machine learning
Dr. Rob Lyon Machine learning, Square Kilometre Array Cristina Ilie Emission mechanism, polarisation
Dr. Ben Perera Pulsar timing, geometry modelling, emission mechanism Matthew Kim Gravitational Waves
Dr Lina Levin Preston Square Kilometre Array, ISM Xiaojin Liu Pulsar timing
Recent members Mateusz Malenta Fast radio bursts, GPU computing, transient searching
Dr. Simon Rookyard
Dr. Monika Obrocka
Dr. Mark Purver
Dr. Sotiris Sanidas
Dr. Cees Bassa
Dr. Gemma Janssen
Dr. Cristobal Espinoza
Dr. Rob Ferdman
Dr. Roy Smits
Dr. Kuo Liu
Dr. Tom Hassall
Dr. Neil Young
Dr. Phrudth Jaroenjittichai
Dr. Dan Thornton
James McKee Precision timing, ISM, LEAP
Sofia Mohamed Binary pulsars
Elliott Polzin Binary pulsars
Thomas Scragg Instrumentation
Benjamin Shaw Timing noise, glitches, profile evolution, high-B pulsars
Chia Min Tan LOFAR, machine learning, searching
Charlie Walker Fast radio bursts, eMerlin
Lin Wang Searching, globular clusters, LEAP

Photo: Beverley Hancock. September 2016
Front (l-r) Matt, Charlie, Jayanta, Chris, Rene, Xiaojin, Cristina, Bhaswati, Benjamin Shaw, Graham, Ben Stappers
Back row (l-r): Prabu, Tom, Elliot, James, Rob, Mitch, Ben Flint , Mike, Lewis, Ben Perera, Alex, James, Patrick, Andrew, Josh, Huming, Crispin, Garvin, Maria, Chia Min, Lin