Chris Jordan

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+44 (0)1477 571 321
+44 (0)1477 571 618
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Jodrell Bank Observatory,
SK11 9DL

Who am I

Well that's a deep and meaningful question, that I haven't got around to answering it yet, but I'd like to be reincarnated as a cat. In brief, I'm a physics B.Sc. and Ph.D from Bristol University (nice place), and have a written a thesis (and a paper or two) on X-ray crystallography studies on various bio-polymers. (it was a long time ago, and I assure you, did not involve damaging any small furry animals - though a few plants may have suffered).
I now program computers so that radio astronomers can live a care free and data filled life, but only on tuesdays, wednesdays and fridays

Last updated Feb 2008