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Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics Staff & Postgraduate Directory

This directory includes the Alan Turing Building and Jodrell Bank Observatory.

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E-mail: Send to username@manchester.ac.uk or username@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk or username@jb.man.ac.uk as listed below

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NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Prof Simon Garrington

Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory

54054, 69401


Prof Albert Zijlstra Director of Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics
63925 albert.zijlstra

Academic Staff

NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Prof Richard BattyeCosmology/Theory54185richard.battye
Dr Robert Beswick e-MERLIN Project Scientist/Galaxies and Star Formation 50483,69412 robert.beswick
Prof Sarah Bridle Dark matter, Gravitational lensing, Universe expansion 54042 sarah.bridle
Prof Michael Brown Cosmology 63913 m.l.brown
Prof Philippa Browning Solar & Laboratory Plasmas63912philippa.browning
Prof Richard Davis Cosmic Microwave Background 54164 richard.davis
Prof Peter Dewdney SKA 69616 dewdney@skatelescope.org
Prof Phil Diamond Director, Square Kilometre Array Project Office and Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Manchester philip.diamond
Dr Clive Dickinson
CMB, Foregrounds, Radio Astronomy, ISM, Intensity mapping 54232 clive.dickinson
Prof Gary Fuller Star formation, Millimeter & Sub-millimeter astrophysics & technology63653gary.fuller
Dr Keith Grainge SKA, Cosmology, Radio Astronomy, CMB 54690 keith.grainge
Dr Malcolm Gray Late-type Stars, Masers, Radiative transfer63967malcolm.gray
Dr Neal JacksonGravitational Lensing54080neal.jackson
Dr Scott KayCosmology54166scott.kay
Dr Michael KeithSKA and Pulsars54063michael.keith
Dr Eamonn Kerins Exoplanets and Gravitational Lensing 54191eamonn.kerins
Prof Michael Kramer Director of the Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie (MPIfR) and Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Manchester   michael.kramer
Dr Patrick LeahyCosmology, radio astronomy, AGN jets, Galactic magnetic fields 54115 j.p.leahy
Dr Myfanwy LloydCircumstellar Matter54085myfanwy.lloyd
Prof Shude MaoGravitational Lensing63912  shude.mao
Dr Bruno MaffeiRadioastronomy Technology54141bruno.maffei
Dr Andrew Markwick Astrochemistry63971andrew.markwick
Prof Tim O'BrienAssociate Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory 54165, 69437 tim.obrien
Prof Lucio Piccirillo Radioastronomy Technology
54194 lucio.piccirillo
Dr Giampaolo PisanoRadioastronomy technology63944,54195giampaolo.pisano
Prof Richard Schilizzi SKA, Active Galaxies 54055, 69663 richard.schilizzi
Dr Ben StappersPulsars 54187 ben.stappers
Dr Patrick Weltevrede Pulsars 54162 patrick.weltevrede
Prof Peter WilkinsonCosmic Microwave Background54129peter.wilkinson

Emeritus and Honorary Staff

NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Dr Bryan AndersonRadioastronomy technology2613bryan.anderson
Dr Robert Braun69665r.braun@skatelescope.org
Prof Ian BrowneIntensity Mapping, Active Galaxies and Gravitational Lensing54127ian.browne
Prof Rod DaviesCosmic Microwave Background & Ex-Director 54123 rod.davies
Prof Andrew Lyne Pulsars and Ex-Director 69423 andrew.lyne
Prof John MeaburnInter- & Circum-stellar matterjohn.meaburn
Prof Tom MillarVisiting Professor
Gresham Prof Ian Morison Optical Astronomy   ian.morison
Prof Alan Pedlar Galaxies   alan.pedlar
Prof Sir Francis Graham SmithPulsars & Ex-Director69471francis.graham-smith
Prof Ralph Spencer Technology and X-ray binaries 69438 ralph.spencer
Dr Peter ThomassonMERLIN Operations 69542 peter.thomasson
Dr Grigory Vekstein Plasma & Solar physics 64177 grigory.vekstein

SKA Group

NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Bassem Alachkar Design Engineer, Modelling
Ralph Braddock M&C Engineer, working with TM for SADT side
Dr Paul Carr Lead System Engineer
Jill Hammond Deputy Project Manager
Richard Oberland Lead Optical Engineer, SADT Project Engineer
Richard Whitaker SAT Engineer
Dr Althea Wilkinson Lead Project Manager 54184 althea.wilkinson

ALMA UK Regional Centre

NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Dr Adam Avison ALMA Regional Centre 54138 adam.avison
Dr George Bendo ALMA Regional Centre, dust and star formation in nearby galaxies 54258 george.bendo
Dr Tom Muxlow ARC Node Manager. Star-formation processes in nearby and high redshift galaxies 54108 tom.muxlow
Dr Anita RichardsALMA Regional Centre54243a.m.s.richards

Research Staff

NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Dr Megan Argo mkargo@jb.man.ac.uk
Dr Marie-Anne Bigot-Sazy HI intensity mapping, CMB 54145 marie-anne.bigot-sazy
Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Belles e-Merlin support scientist 66464 pierreemmanuel.belles
Dr Sam Bates Pulsars samuel.bates
Dr David Barnes AGN Feedback david.barnes
Dr Anna Bonaldi CMB/Component Separation and Planck 54087 anna.bonaldi
James Cullen eMERLIN and VLBI 69422 james.cullen
Dr Prafulla Deo Quasi-optical and RF Components Development prafulla.deo
Dr Mykola Gordovskyy Solar Plasmas 54087 mykola.gordovskyy
Dr Ian Harrison Cosmology, Weak Gravitational Lensing 54195 ian.harrison-2
Dr Alastair GunnVLBI Operations69433alastair.gunn
Dr Paul HarrisonAstroGrid54124paul.harrison
Vic HaynesResearch Associate - Quasioptics and filters62495vhaynes@jb
Dr Olivia Jones Dusty Evolved Stars 54103 ojones@jb
Dr Christine JordanPulsars2674chris.jordan
Dr Hilary KayDaphne Jackson Fellow54145hilary.kay
Mark McCulloch Technology 63677 mark.mcculloch
Dr Iain McDonald Evolved Stars 54145 mcdonald@jb
Dr Simon MelhuishResearch Fellow54121simon.melhuish
Dr Ming Wah Richard Ng Technology 54121 mingwah.ng
Dr Roger Noble MERLIN Software 69464 roger.noble
Dr Fabio Noviello Instrumental and Observational Cosmology 54087  
Dr Michael Peel CMB foregrounds54142michael.peel
Dr Benetge Perera Pulsars benetge.perera
Dr Mark PurverEuropean Pulsar Timing Array, Large European Array for Pulsars54202mark.purver
Dr Mathieu Remazeilles CMB Foregrounds/Component Separation 54142 mathieu.remazeilles
Dr Rafal Szepietowski Cosmology, Weak Gravitational Lensing 54195 rafal.szepietowski
Dr Sotirios Sanidas LEAP, EPTA, Cosmic Strings 54202 sotirios.sanidas
Dr Alessio Traficante IR and  Sub-mm Astronomy 54087 alessio.traficante
Dr Bob Watson Planck Post-Launch Support 54142 bob.watson
Dr Joseph Zuntz Weak lensing, Cosmological Structure Formation, Statistical Methods 54087 joseph.zuntz

IT Development & Support

NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Dr Anthony HollowayHead of Computing54096,69426anthony.j.holloway
Dr Robert DicksonIT Manager54230,69426robert.c.dickson
Beverley HancockIT Support69426beverley.v.hancock

Scientific Visitors

NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Yaser Hafez (Sabbatical visitor, KACST) CMB experiments; radio astronomy
Dr Jane Greaves (Sabbatical visitor, St Andrews) Star and Planet Formation
Dr Sandra EtokaMasers, Late-type Stars, Star formation54124sandra.etoka
Sarah Keith Planet and Star Formation 54144 sarah.keith
Dr Richard Long Galactic Dynamics and Gravitational Lensing richard.long
Dr Bryan Rees Galactic bulge PNe 54145 bryan.rees
Dr Magda Todorovic

HI Intensity Mapping, CMB Foregrounds, Anomalous Dust, ISM, Nearby Galaxies

54124 magdolna.todorovic


NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Dr Mirza AsifTelescope Array Controller69448,69449,69460mirza.asif
James BartleTelescope Technician69405,69410james.bartle
Angela BayleySystems Programmer69409angela.bayley
Dr Mike BentleySenior Experimental Officer (links & developments)69411michael.bentley
Tony BlackburnLinks Technician 69413 tony.blackburn-2
Eddie BlackhurstReceiver Technician 69485 edward.blackhurst
Paul BurgessVLBI Operations69475paul.burgess
David ClarkeTelescope Technician69410,69457david.t.clarke
Philip ClarkeTelescope Technician69405,69410pclarke@jb
Ray ComberDeputy OiC (Telescope Engineering)69402ray.comber
John EdgleyRF Group Supervisor 69425 john.edgley
Adrian GaltressDraftsperson69427adrian.galtress
John HamiltonControl Room & Servo Lab Supervisor69435john.hamilton
Andrew HowsonTelescope Array Controller69448,69449,69460andrew.howson
Luke Invernon Telescope Array Controller 2660,2249 luke.invernon
Anthony JohnsonControl Technician69442ajohnson@jb
John KitchingEngineer (Mechanical)69403gjkitching
Joel LapiTelescope Technicianjoel.lapi
Christopher ManceTelescope Array Controller69448,69449,69460christopher.mance
Ian ManfieldTelescope Array Controller69448,69449,69460ian.manfield
Frank ManningElectrical Supervisor69404frank.manning
Jason MarshallCryogenics Technician 69458 jason.marshall
Leslie ParryDigital Technician69488,9473leslie.parry
Mark RobertsTelescope Array Controller69448,69449,69460mark.roberts
Darren Shepherd Mechanical Technician 54061 darren.shepherd
Sarah Smith RF Engineer 69487 sarah.smith
Matthew Stubbs Electrical Technician 69404 matthew.stubbs
Alan WilliamsTelescope Technician69405,69410alan.williams-2
Dr Richard Whitaker SKADS Engineer 69476 richard.whitaker


NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Mike Anderson Site Manager/Safety Advisor JBO69490mike.j.anderson
Angela Linton Project Office 54189 angela.linton
Dave LomasJBO Building/Estates Superintendent69407dave.lomas
Sarah MorrisGeneral Office - JBO69429sarah.m.morris
Stephanie Plumb Admin Assistant 54214 stephanie.plumb
Pat StanwayGeneral Office - JBO 69400,69428,69429 patricia.stanway
Dr Althea WilkinsonJBCA/SKA Project Officer54184althea.wilkinson

Postgraduate Students

NameResearch AreaTelephone ExtensionEmail username
Samira Alharbi Planetary Nebulae samira.alharbi@postgrad
Abeer Almutairi Planetary Nebulae abeer.almutairi@postgrad
Shahram Amiri Technology shahram.amiri@postgrad
Supachai Awiphan Exoplanet Searches 54196 supachai.awiphan@postgrad
Makiko "Sherwin" Ban Sun, Stars and Planets   makiko.ban@postgrad
David Boulderstone Cosmological Evolution of Galaxy Clusters david.boulderstone@postgrad
David Burns Solar Plasmas david.burns-3@postgrad
Sally Cooper Pulsars sally.cooper@postgrad
Derek Cowey Orbital properties of X-ray binaries derek.cowey@postgrad
Samuel Cusworth Cosmology 54196 samuel.cusworth@postgrad
David Cuadrado-Calle Technology david.cuadradocalle@postgrad
Michael D'Cruze Technology/RRLs michael.dcruze@postgrad
Constantinos Demetroullas Extragalactic 54144 costantinos.demetroullas@postgrad
Ho Ting Fung Technology hoting.fung@postgrad
Emily Hall emily.hall@postgrad
Stuart Harper Extragalactic stuart.harper@manchester
Philippa Hartley Gravitational Lensing 54144 philippa.hartley@postgrad
Kerry Hebden Sun, Stars and Planets 54144 kerry.hebden@postgrad
Leo Huckvale Sun, Stars and Planets leo.huckvale@postgrad
Prahesti Husnindriani Gravitational Lensing prahesti.husnindriani@postgrad
Mohammed Akbar Hussain RRLs/Extragalactic mohammed.hussain-2@postgrad
Melis Irfan Extragalactic 54196 melis.irfan@postgrad
Andrew Jones Dusty Galaxies and PAH Emission andrew.jones-8@postgrad
Michael Kennedy michael.kennedy-5@postgrad
Matias Lackington Werner Sun, Stars and Planets 54103 matias.lackingtonwerner@postgrad
Indy Leclerq Diffuse Galactic Emission indy.leclercq
Stephen Legg Radio Astronomy Technology Stephen.Legg@postgrad
Stefania Maccalli Technology stefania.maccalli@postgrad
Marion Mathelie-Guinlet Astrochemistry marion.mathelie-guinlet@postgrad
Catherine McGuire Infall Signatures and Massive Star-Formation 54144 catherine.mcguire@postgrad
James McKee Pulsars james.mckee@postgrad
Imran Mohamed Technology Imran.Mohamed@postgrad
Richard Newton Extragalactic 54196 richard.newton-3@postgrad
Monika Obrocka Pulsars/Technology 54202 monika.obrocka@postgrad
Fahri Ozturk Technology Fahri.Ozturk@postgrad
Simon Pike Extragalactic 54196 simon.pike-2@postgrad
Jonathan Quinn Extragalactic jonathan.quinn@postgrad
Carl Roberts e-MERLIN/Gravitational Lensing carl.roberts@postgrad
Matthew Robinson Radio Astronomy Technology matthew.robinson-5
Simon Rookyard Pulsars simon.rookyard@postgrad
Peter Schemmel Photon Orbital Angular Momentum peter.schemmel@postgrad
Christina Smith Sun, Stars and Planets 54144 christina.smith-3@postgrad
Christopher Taylor Passive Millimetre-wave Imaging 54144 christopher.taylor-2@postgrad
Dan Thornton Pulsars 54202 dan.thornton-2@postgrad
Amy Tyndall Sun, Stars and Planets Amy.Tyndall@postgrad
Matias Vidal Extragalactic 54196 mvidal@jb
Kate Voller Cosmology 54196 kate.voller@manchester.ac.uk
Christopher Wallis Extragalactic/Cosmology christopher.wallis@postgrad
Lee Whittaker Extragalactic/Cosmology lee.whittaker@postgrad
Nick Wrigley e-MERLIN Project 54144 Nicholas.Wrigley@postgrad

Summer students

NameResearch AreaSupervisorEmail username
Thomas ArmitageFinding and Flagging Sources of RFI for C-BassRichard Davis
George AtkinsonJodrell Bank Student TelescopePeter Wilkinson
Leo BurnsWikipedia for PhysicsMike Peel
Ricardo Collados IzquierdoNew BINGO experiment for Neutral Hydrogen Intensity MappingMarie-Anne Bigot-Sazy
Sylvia FanDatabase of School Alumnus and Research EquipmentGary Fuller
Susana FernandezWeak Gravitational Lensing in the Radio BandIan Harrison
Hannah-Rose FordWikipedia for PhysicsMike Peel
Alistair GodleyExtrasolar planetsEamonn Kerins
Cristina-Diana IlieProbing our Galaxy with Radio PulsarsPatrick Weltevrede
Bethany JonesUpdating the EPN Pulsar DatabaseMichael Keith
Juliana MurrayGravitational LensingSarah Bridle
Kevin StahlRate of Change in the Spin Down Rate of Pulsar B0919+06Ben Stappers
Alex WantlingDetailed Abundances of Giant Branch Stars in Globular ClustersIain McDonald