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VSA Extended Array Power Spectrum Data

The VSA team proudly invites you to download the latest data. The new results incorporate the previous data releases (Scott et al. 2003; Grainge et al. 2003) with much more new data made in the extended array up to July 2003. The power spectrum is presented in Dickinson et al. (2004) and cosmological interpretation in Rebolo et al. (2004).

The full VSA power spectrum, measured out to l = 1500: power spectrum files.
The calibrated VSA data files can also be downloaded via ftp at ftp.jb.man.ac.uk, via anomynous ftp. The files are located in pub/cdickins/VSA/. Please view the README file here which summaries the data and directory structure.

The data has been formatted so that the input file can be used in Antony Lewis's cosmomc program. We use the recipe suggested by Bond, Jaffe & Knox (2000) (Appendix B) summarised below. There are sixteen data points, corresponding to the final power spectrum.

The format of the full dataset is ASCII and simple. The units are microK^2.

Please contact Anze Slosar or Clive Dickinson for any queries regarding these results.