Our Research


Academic Staff

Dr Richard DavisRadio stars, novae
Prof. Phil DiamondMasers, magnetic field & polarization. On 3 year leave of absence.
Dr Clive DickinsonGalactic CMB foregrounds, radio/microwave emissions, spinning dust, Halpha surveys, HII regions
Prof. Gary FullerStar formation, JCMT spectral legacy survey, Methanol multi-beam
Prof. Simon GarringtonStar formation, outflows, novae and T-Tauri stars
Dr Malcolm GrayMaser theory, star formation, supernovae & circumstellar molecular gas
Dr Eamonn KerinsExtra-solar planets, optical/IR time-domain astronomy, galactic structure
Dr Myfanwy LloydPlanetary nebulae
Prof. Shude MaoMicrolensing, galaxy formation & evolution
Dr Andrew MarkwickAstrochemistry
Prof. Tim O'BrienNovae, planetary nebulae, microquasars
Prof. Ralph SpencerRadio-emitting X-ray binary stars, fibre-optic data transport
Prof. Albert ZijlstraStellar mass-loss, post-AGB stars, planetary nebulae

Postdoctoral Staff

Dr Adam AvisonALMA support (UK ARC), masers and star formation
Dr Rob BeswickExtragalactic star formation
Dr Iain McDonaldEvolved stars
Dr Tom MuxlowStellar outflows and star formation
Dr Anita RichardsALMA support (UK ARC), interferometry techniques, masers, evolved stars, starburst/AGN relationship
Dr Alessio TraficanteMassive star formation

Scientific Visitors

Dr Estelle BayetStar formation
Dr Ana CabralLow mass star formation
Prof Tom MillarAstrochemistry
Dr Nicolas PerettoStar formation

Research Students

Marta AlvesGalactic CMB foregrounds
Khudhair Abbas AssafSiO masers in AGB stars
Sean ChapmanProperties of interstellar silicates
Nichol CunninghamStar formation
Lizette Guzman RamirezEvolved stars
Kerry HebdenChemical Evolution in Planetary Nebula
Leo HuckvaleVariable stars
Olivia JonesDusty evolved stars
Clare LenfesteyStar formation
Claire LykouDisks in evolved stars, optical interferometry
Catherine McGuireYoung Stellar Objects and dust mineralogy in the LMC with SAGE and SAGE-Spec
Chin OsathanunkulStar formation
Andrey PaskaProtoplanetary Disks
Matthew PennyMicrolensing
Bryan ReesGalactic bulge planetary nebulae
Christina SmithEvolved stars
Amy TyndallPlanetary nebulae
Jennifer WilliamsStar formation in the Galactic Plane

Recent Leavers (2007-2011)

NameInterestsWhere are they now?
Dr Isidore BedikogluSpectral line surveys of star forming regions
Dr Roisin Ni ChuiminPAHs in PDRsGoldman Sachs, London
Dr Ana CabralLow mass star formation and JCMT GBSurveyLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux, France
Dr Janine van EymerenExtragalactic star formationUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Dr David JonesPlanetary nebulae, free-form jazz and modern tap.ESO fellowship, Chile
Dr Ciska KemperCircumstellar and interstellar dust, AGNASIAA, Taiwan
Dr Nadya KunawiczExtragalactic astrochemical modellingSainsbury's HQ, London
Dr Eric LagadecEvolved starsESO, Munich, Germany
Dr Debbie MitchellChalmers University, Sweden
Dr Nicolas PerettoStar formationCEA, Saclay, France
Dr Cormac PurcellStar formation, CORNISH surveyUniversity of Leeds
Dr Lyshia QuinnMasers and star formationPGCE, Manchester
Dr Nicholas RattenburyMicrolensing
Dr Laurence SabinPlanetary nebulae in IPHASUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Dr Christopher TibbsGalactic dust as a CMB foregroundCaltech, USA
Dr David TideswellChemical and radiative modelling of molecular ensemblesGoldman Sachs, London
Dr Neil VaytetObservations and modelling of stellar outflowsEcole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
Dr Tijl VerhoelstEvolved stars, optical interferometryUniversity of Leuven, Belgium
Dr Stewart WilliamsALMA data archiveALMA project, Edinburgh
Dr Danny Wong-McsweeneyMasersPGCE, Manchester
Dr Paul WoodsAstrochemistry, SAGE-SPEC studies of dust in the LMCUniversity College London