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Star Formation

massive star forming core
The emission from the dust (colour scale) and the molecule C18O (white contours) in a massive core inside of which a massive young star is forming. These data were take by the JBCA group using the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) in Hawaii.

Stars are the building blocks of the universe. They form in the coldest, densest regions of the most massive objects in galaxies, giant molecular clouds. These clouds contain up to a million times the mass of typical star, but during their lifetime only about 2% of this mass will turn in to stars. However, once formed these stars drive the evolution of their galaxy.

Our research is focussed on using observations and modeling of molecular line and dust continuum emission to understand the formation and early evolution of stars in the molecular clouds in our Galaxy and other galaxies.

Current large scale projects related to star form which we are leading, or taking part in, include: