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2001–2005 News Archive


PR2005112nd December 2005Pulsar Astronomers win Descartes Prize
PR20051031st August 2005Astronomers Discover Fastest Intergalactic Space Traveller
PR2005099th August 2005JBO Outreach at the Royal Institution and Royal Society
PR20050831st May 2005Measuring the shape of distant stars using gravitational microlensing
PR20050731st May 2005Unique double pulsar tests Einstein's theory
PR20050614th May 2005Distant super-starburst galaxies hide active black holes
PR20050514th April 2005Scientists bid to save the Earth in latest Hollywood blockbuster
PR20050416th March 2005The Sun comes to Jodrell Bank
PR20050323rd February 2005Seeing the invisible - first dark galaxy discovered?
PR20050216th January 2005Pulsar pair gives scientists magneto-pause for thought
PR20050112th January 2005Double Pulsar discovery ranked the 6th most important scientific breakthrough in 2004


PR20040824th November 2004A final resting place at Jodrell Bank Observatory for Grote Reber, a founding father of radio astronomy.
PR2004074th October 2004Astronomers Demonstrate a Global Internet Telescope
PR2004062nd June 2004June 8th Transit of Venus
PR20040525th May 2004Radio astronomy gets connected
PR2004049th March 2004RadioNet: Advanced Radio Astronomy in Europe
PR20040326th February 2004Towards a Better Understanding of the Very Early Universe
PR20040214th January 2004Neutron Star Imitates Black Hole
PR2004018th January 2004First-Known Double Pulsar Opens up New Astrophysics


PR2003033rd December 2003Pulsar find boosts hope for gravity-wave hunters
PR20030228th April 2003HRH The Prince of Wales visits Jodrell Bank Observatory
PR20030120th January 2003First Light for Europe's Virtual Observatory


PR20021217th December 2002Press Meeting 20 January 2003: First Light for Europe's Virtual Observatory
PR2002117th November 2002New Evidence for Dark Energy in the Universe.
PR2002104th November 2002The Lovell Telescope presents a new face to the Universe.
PR2002091st November 2002New Visitor Centre Planned for Jodrell Bank
PR2002081st November 2002Magnetism shapes beauty in the heavens
PR20020710th September 2002"Sky at Night" comes to Jodrell Bank Observatory
PR20020627th June 2002Discovery of the "Bulls-Eye" Pulsar
PR20020520th June 2002Water Fountains in the Sky: Streaming Water Jets from Aging Star Provide Clues to Mystery of Planetary-Nebula Formation
PR20020423rd May 2002A New Picture of the Early Universe.
PR20020323rd May 2002Youngest Radio Pulsar Revealed with the Green Bank Telescope.
PR2002022nd April 2002A chance to see Comet Ikeya-Zhang together in the sky with our nearest giant galaxy
PR2002014th January 2002Jodrell Bank's Telescopes look to a bright future.


PR2001085th December 2001UK Astronomers to Build Unique Radio Telescope
PR2001075th December 2001Exploring the Digital Universe with Europe's Astrophysical Virtual Observatory
PR200106October 2001Discovery Helps To Solve Mystery In Globular Clusters
PR20010510 April 2001New-Found Pulsars Start To Crack Gamma-Ray Source Mystery
PR20010423 March 2001The Lovell Telescope gets a Facelift
PR20010330 January 2001Pinpointing massive black holes in distant galaxies
PR20010211 January 2001Astronomers find most massive companion to a pulsar - a possible black hole?
PR2001018 January 2001A Total Eclipse of the Moon in the evening of January 9th 2001