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PR20071117th December 2007Black hole fires jet at neighbouring galaxy
PR20071011th October 2007Illuminate Art Competition: See Your Artwork Projected on the Lovell Radio Telescope at Jodrell Bank
PR2007099th October 2007Astronomers Find Dust in the Wind of Black Holes
PR2007084th October 2007Jodrell Bank Chosen as Global Headquarters of Major New Radio Telescope
-28th September 2007The heart of the Cosmic Ant
PR20070715th August 2007SPACE50: Jodrell Bank Telescope To Become Largest Cinema Screen On The Planet
PR20070617th July 2007Jodrell Bank Telescope 'Plays the Universe'
PR20070519th April 2007Hubble Space Telescope Reveals the Aftermath of 'Star Wars'
PR20070419th April 2007Dying Sun-Like Stars Leave Whirlpools in their Wake
PR20070317th April 2007Red Supergiant Cauldrons Let Off Steam
PR20070228th February 2007Total Lunar Eclipse 3rd March 2007
PR20070122nd February 2007The "coolest" spacecraft in the Universe


PR20061428th September 2006Australia and Southern Africa short-listed for giant radio telescope
PR20061314th September 2006General Relativity survives gruelling pulsar test - Einstein at least 99.95% right!
PR20061231st August 2006Jodrell Bank wins BBC 'Unsung Landmarks' competition
PR20061119th July 2006Nuclear explosion on dead star - astronomers probe aftermath
PR2006109th June 2006Massive-star supernovae found to be major space dust factories
PR20060919th April 2006Upgraded MERLIN spies cloud of alcohol spanning 288 billion miles
PR2006087th April 2006Exploding star within a star - a recurrent nova!
PR20060714th March 2006Icy Neptune Found in Distant Solar System
PR2006063rd March 2006Part-time pulsar yields new insight into inner workings of cosmic clocks
PR2006051st March 2006Magnetic Fields Sculpt Narrow Jets From Dying Star
PR20060415th February 2006Jodrell Bank astronomers find new type of star
PR20060325th January 2006Discovery of the smallest yet Earth-like planet
PR20060219th January 2006World's Largest Telescope
PR20060112th January 2006Discovery of the Youngest Ever Binary Pulsar