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Upcoming JBCA and Schuster Colloquia

JBCA Colloquia begin at 3:00 pm every Wednesday in the Lovell Room (3.225) in the Alan Turing Building, unless otherwise stated. There will be coffee in the tea room starting at 2:40 pm before the talk. There will be tea, coffee, and biscuits with the speaker immediately after the talk at 4:00 pm in the tea room.

Schuster Colloquia start at 3:00 pm and take place in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre in the Schuster Building.

Extra seminars, which can be organised by anyone in the group separately from the colloquium series, are also included on this page for convenience.

To view a talk abstract, click on the talk title. Click again on the talk title to hide the abstract.

Want to suggest a speaker? Get in touch with the JBCA Colloquium organisers: Jens Chluba, Rachael Ainsworth, Adam Avison, Mark Kennedy.

Sep 13 Special Seminar
Hiroko Shinnaga
(Kagoshima University)
Episodic mass loss of a red supergiant just before supernova explosion
Sep 19 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Donna Rodgers-Lee
(University of Hertfordshire)
The ionising effect of low energy stellar cosmic rays in protoplanetary disks
Sep 26 Schuster Colloquium
Prof. Leon Koopmans
(University of Groningen)
From the Cosmic Dawn to the Epoch of Reionization: a Radio Quest for Neutral Hydrogen in the Infant Universe
Oct 3 JBCA Colloquium
Prof. Huub Rottgering
(Leiden University)
LOFAR Surveys: a new window on the Universe
Oct 10 JBCA Colloquium
Alessio Spurio Mancini
(University of Heidelberg)
Constraining dark energy and modified gravity models with cosmic shear
Oct 15 Special Seminar
Dana Simard
(University of Toronto)
Reconstructing complex pulsar scattering environments with global VLBI
Oct 17 Schuster Colloquium
Prof. James Pinfold
(University of Alberta)
Dirac's Dream: The Quest for the Magnetic Monopole
Oct 24 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Katharine Johnston
(University of Leeds)
Accretion discs around massive stars: the revolution with ALMA
Oct 31 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Chris Harrison
Resolving the impact of AGN on the evolution of massive galaxies
Nov 1 Special Seminar
Dr. George Heald
(CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science)
The nexus of Australian marsupials and broadband radio polarimetry
Nov 7 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Joe Callingham
Absorption processes in radio astronomy: Facilitating a unique discovery space
Nov 14 Schuster Colloquium
Dr. Kate Shaw
(Sussex University)
Promoting Physics Worldwide
Nov 21 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Thomas Collett
(ICG Portsmouth)
Testing the LCDM paradigm with strong gravitational lenses
Nov 22 Special Seminar
Dr. Atsuhisa Ota
(Cambridge University)
CMB spectral distortions in the framework of cosmological perturbation theory
Nov 28 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Anastasia Fialkov
Evaluating Cosmic Dawn
Nov 29 Special Seminar
Dr. Yan-Chuan Cai
(Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)
Cosmology with the cosmic web
Dec 5 Schuster Colloquium
Prof. Mark Lancaster
Is new physics lurking in the magnetic interaction of a muon?
Dec 12 JBCA Colloquium
Prof. Ian Browne
New evidence for large-scale AGN axes alignments in the Universe
Dec 19 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Simon Purser
(Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
Surveys of Radio Jets from Young Stellar Objects
Jan 16 JBCA Colloquium
Prof. Stephane Corbel
The Nancay Radio Observatory
Jan 23 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Olivia Jones
The life-cycle of dust in galaxies: IR Stellar populations in the JWST era
Jan 30 JBCA Colloquium
Prof. Peter Gallagher
The Shocking Radio Sun (CANCELLED)
Feb 6 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Fabio Antonini
(University of Surrey)
Nuclear clusters and (supermassive) black holes
Feb 13 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Pranjal Trivedi
(University of Hamburg)
Cosmic Probes of Primordial Magnetic Fields and Axion-like Dark Matter
Feb 27 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Emily Petroff
(University of Amsterdam)
Fast Radio Bursts: New discoveries and future prospects
Mar 6 Bragg Lecture
Prof. Rashid Sunyaev
(Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching)
X-Ray and Microwave Cosmology: synergy and competition -- What can we expect from SRG/eRosita and new ground-based microwave telescopes?
Mar 7 Special Seminar
Dr. Syksy Rasanen
(University of Helsinki)
The gravity track of Higgs inflation
Mar 13 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Jack Radcliffe
(Pretoria, Groningen & JBCA)
Finding AGN in the faint radio sky
Mar 27 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Silvia Galli
Cosmological results from the final data release of the Planck satellite
Apr 3 Schuster Colloquium
Prof. Lucie Green
Origins and impact of space weather
Apr 24 JBCA Colloquium
Willice Obonyo
(University of Leeds)
A search for non-thermal radio emission from jets of massive protostars
May 1 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Leah Morabito
Active galactic nuclei: a low frequency perspective
May 8 Schuster Colloquium
Prof. Timothy Spiller
(University of York)
Quantum Technologies
May 15 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Colin Hill
(IAS Princeton / Flatiron Institute)
Cosmic Microwave Backlight: Illuminating Large-Scale Structure with the Universe’s Oldest Photons
May 16 Special Seminar
Dr. Clancy James
(Curtin University)
Through a glass darkly: what do we really know about fast radio bursts?
May 22 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Juan Hernandez
(Anton Pannekoek, University of Amsterdam)
A multi-wavelength view of the puzzling behaviour of transitional millisecond pulsars
Jun 5 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Sadie Jones
(University of Southampton)
Engaging publics with Supernova and Dark Energy research at the University of Southampton
Jun 12 JBCA Colloquium
Dr. Mark Neyrinck
(University of the Basque Country, Bilbao)
Spinning (in) a Cosmic Spiderweb
Jun 17 Special Seminar
Dr. Santiago Pinzon
(Univ. nacional de Colombia)
Latinoamerican VLBI Network InitiativeHydrogenbursts?
Jun 24 Special Seminar
Dr. Eloy de Lera Acedo
(Cavendish Laboratory)
REACH: Radio Experiment for the Analysis of Cosmic Hydrogenbursts?
Jun 27 Special Seminar
Dr. David Tabb
(University of Stellenbosch)
Biomarkers for Better Birthdays