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JBCA and Schuster Colloquia - 2011/2012

JBCA Colloquia begin at 3.00pm every Wednesday in the Sir Bernard Lovell Seminar Room (3.225) in the Alan Turing Building, unless otherwise stated. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served from 2.45pm.

Schuster Colloquia normally start at 2.30pm and take place in the Bragg Lecture Theatre in the Schuster Building.

To view a talk abstract, click on the talk title. Click again on the talk title to hide the abstract.

The Astrophysics Colloquium organisers this year were: Clive Dickinson, Rob Beswick and Mike Peel.

September 2nd Stella Offner
(CfA, Harvard)
The Role of Episodic Accretion in Low-Mass Star Formation
September 7th Rob Izzard
The Mischievous J Stars
September 20st
Ken McClements
(Culham Laboratory)
Forced reconnection studies in the MAST spherical tokamak
October 5th Prof. Andrew Collier Cameron
(St. Andrews)
From WASP to Kepler
October 26th Jeffrey Peterson
(Carnegie Mellon)
21-cm Intensity Mapping
November 1st
Prof. Matt Griffin
Herschel and Beyond
November 16th Dr. Eduard Kontar
Solar flare energetic particles
November 23rd Dr Thorsten Wengler (CERN) Schuster Colloquium - LHC results for science bloggers
December 7th Chris Colins
Testing galaxy formation models using the Most Massive Galaxies
December 9th
David Floyd
(Monash Centre for Astrophysics)
Gravitational Microlensing as a probe of Quasar Structure
December 14th Prof David Southwood (Imperial Colleage London) Schuster Colloquium -
The Cassini-Huygens mission and exploration of Saturn and Titan
December 21st Jan Cami
Fullerenes in the circumstellar and interstellar environment
January 25th Michael Brown
Probing fundamental physics with multi-wavelength cosmology
February 1st Tom Shanks
Cosmology and WMAP
February 8th Ross McLure
Galaxy evolution at redshifts 6 < z < 9
February 15th Rolf-Dietmar Herzberg
Schuster Colloquium - Alchemy in the 21st century: The quest for super-heavy elements
March 7th Danielle George
LNA Designs for the SKA: A step change for Astronomers and Engineers
March 14th Chris Parkes
Schuster Colloquium - Schuster's dream: Learning from antimatter
March 16th
Paulo Freire
(MPIfR, Bonn)
The most constraining test of alternative theories of gravitation
March 21st Ian McHardy
AGN X-ray Variability and Relationship to Optical and Radio Variability
April 4th Rachel Bean
Testing gravity on cosmic scales with large scale structure.
April 18th Alison Laird
(York University)
Fingerprints of nucleosynthesis
April 25th Jonathan Oppenheim
Schuster Colloquium - The Uncertainty Principle determines the non-locality of Quantum Mechanics
May 2nd Graham Woan
Spinning neutron stars - striking the right tone.
May 9th David Jess
What's in a name? The controversial nature of waves in the solar atmosphere
May 16th Haley Gomez
The origin of dust in galaxies in the Herschel era
May 30th David Moss
Modelling multiscale magnetic fields in spiral galaxies
June 13th Paolo Padovani
The deep radio sky and the solution to a 50-year old puzzle
June 20th Martha Boyer
AGB Dust Production in the Local Group
July 17th
Ray Norris
ATLAS to EMU: The era of large deep radio continuum surveys