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JBCA Internal Symposium 2014

Symposium 2014 group photo
Symposium 2014 group photo (Credit: Mike Peel)

The 2014 JBCA Symposium will take place at the Barnes Wallis building in the northern campus on Wednesday 29th October 2014.

The Symposium is a day-long event comprising a series of brief talks covering the wide range of research carried out at JBCA. It is a great opportunity to give a good introduction for recent arrivals, to update people within JBCA on the recent results in your group, and to identify possibilities for collaboration between different research groups. Recent symposia have included the 2013, 2012, 2010 and 2008 ones.

Group leaders have 15 minute talks in the designated sessions; other staff members 3 minutes / 3 slide talks; postdocs and students 1 minute / 1 slide talks. Talks will be in the order that names are pulled out of the hat/pumpkin. Everyone should attend the whole of the event in order to avoid being embarrased if you're not there when your name is called out!

The symposium is being organized by Megan Argo, Adam Avison and Mike Peel.


09.00Coffee, tea and biscuits
09:30 Albert Zijlstra Welcome & Introduction
09:45 Richard Battye Extragalactic & Cosmology
10:00 Ben Stappers Pulsars
10:15 Tom Muxlow ALMA
10:30 Bruno Maffei Technology
10:45 Simon Melhuish Advanced Tech
11.00Tea, Coffee and biscuits
11:30 Everyone 1 or 3 minute talks
12.15Group photo
12.30Lunch Break (buffet lunch provided)
13:30 Gary Fuller Sun, Stars and Planets
13:45 Simon Garrington e-Merlin/JBO
14:00 Mike Keith SKA
14:15 Tim O'Brien Public Engagement/JBO
14:30 Everyone 1 or 3 minute talks
15.00Biscuits, coffee and tea
15:30 Everyone 1 or 3 minute talks