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JBCA Symposium 2008: Wednesday 5th November

Symposium 2008 group photo

This years JBCA Symposium will take place in the Lecture Room at Jodrell Bank Observatory.

The Symposium will be a day-long event comprising a series of brief talks covering the range of research undertaken at JBCA. Its aim is to bring us all up to speed on what research is going on throughout what is one of the largest Astronomy groups in the country, and to provide a good introduction to our research for recent arrivals to the group. It's also a very good opportunity to identify possibilities for intra-group collaboration. To this end the symposium format will comprise an overview and one focused presentation on a selected topic for each research theme. All talks are 15 mins, including time for questions, unless otherwise indicated.

A 40 seater coach will depart from immediately outside the Turing Building promptly at 08:30. Priority for spaces on the coach will be given to students and others who are unable to drive to JBO.

Weather permitting, we will attempt a JBCA group photo under the Lovell Telescope towards the end of the lunch break. Also during the lunch break there should be an opportunity to take a tour of the Lovell Telescope Control Room. If you haven't seen it before then this is your chance.

Finally, since it's November 5th and all that, immediately after the Symposium Ralph Spencer will be setting off a few fireworks in the field next to the far carpark. It's likely to be a bit boggy there so please bring appropriate footware. The coach will be available to take people back to Turing at around 18:00.

The symposium programme is as follows: (PDF version)

08:30: Coach departs Turing for JBO
Research ThemeTimeSpeakerTitle
Observational CMB 09:30-09:45 Richard Battye Overview
09:45-10:00 Tess Jaffe Modeling the Galactic Magnetic Field
Cosmology and Galaxy Formation 10:00-10:15 Scott Kay Overview
10:15-10:30 Stephen Appleby Aspects of cosmological evolution in F(R) modified gravity models
Gravitational Lensing 10:30-10:45 Neal Jackson Overview
10:45-11:00 Dandan Xu / Sarah Bryan Do we see enough substructures? -- study from galaxy lensing
15 min Coffee Break (Tea/coffee provided)
Active Galaxies 11:15-11:30 Ian Browne Overview
11:30-11:45 Janine Van Eymeren A kinematic study of the irregular dwarf galaxy NGC 2366 using HI and Hα observations
Pulsar Astrophysics 11:45-12:15 Ralph Eatough Overview (30 mins)
Stars and Star Formation 12:15-12:30 Albert Zijlstra Overview
12:30-12:45 Nicolas Peretto A galactic plane survey of dense molecular gas: Understanding the initial conditions of star formation
1 hour Lunch Break (Buffet lunch provided)
Group photo under the Lovell Telescope (weather permitting!)
Tour of the Lovell Telescope Control Room
Astrochemistry and Dust 13:45-14:00 Andrew Markwick-Kemper Overview
14:00-14:15 Paul Woods Young and old, big and small: Chemical modelling at opposite ends of the stellar evolution spectrum
Galactic Microlensing and Exoplanets 14:15-14:30 Eamonn Kerins Overview
14:30-14:45 Nick Rattenbury Toward Earth-II
Solar Plasmas 14:45-15:00 Philippa Browning Overview
15:00-15:15 Mykola Gordovskyy Particle acceleration in solar flares based on realistic current sheet model
15 min Coffee Break (Tea/coffee provided)
Technology Development 15:30-15:45 Lucio Piccirillo Overview
15:45-16:00 Simon Melhuish The Clover CMB telescope
eMERLIN 16:00-16:15 Tom Muxlow Overview
16:15-16:30 Rob Beswick TBD
SKA PDO 16:30-16:45 Richard Schilizzi Overview
16:45-17:00 Roshene McCool / Neil Roddis Signal transport & networks for the SKA / SKA antenna & receiver systems
17:00: Fireworks!
18:00: Coach departs JBO for Turing

Symposium organiser: Eamonn Kerins.