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JBCA Internal Symposium 2010

Symposium 2010 group photo
Symposium 2010 group photo (Credit: Ant Holloway)

The 2010 JBCA Symposium will take place in the Lecture Room at Jodrell Bank Observatory on Wednesday 16th June 2010.

About the Symposium

The Symposium is a day-long event comprising a series of brief talks covering the wide range of research carried out at JBCA. It is a great opportunity to give a good introduction for recent arrivals, to update people within JBCA on the recent results in your group, and to identify possibilities for collaboration between different research groups. The previous one was in 2008.

Weather permitting, we will attempt a JBCA group photo under the Lovell Telescope towards the end of the lunch break.

The symposium is being organized by Mykola Gordovskyy, Gemma Janssen, Mike Peel and Cristobal Espinoza.


The programme below is still being finalized.

09.00Coach leaves Turing for JBO
Cosmological Simulations 10:00 Scott Kay Overview
10:15 Sarah Bryan The impact of feedback on the orbital content of merger remnants
Cosmic Microwave Background 10:30 Clive Dickinson CMB/foregrounds group: Overview & Highlights
10:50 Matias Vidal Foregrounds at Ka/Q-band: translucent clouds at 31 GHz and polarized foregrounds at 42 GHz
Galaxies 11:05 Rob Beswick Radio observations of nearby galaxies
Gravitational Lensing 11:20 Neal Jackson Overview
11.35Coffee Break (Tea/coffee and biscuits provided)
Microlensing 11:50 Eamonn Kerins Overview
12:05 Mathew Penny Simulating microlensing surveys
Pulsars 12:20 Ben Stappers Overview
12:35 Cees Bassa The LEAP project
12:50 Tom Hassal LOFAR pulsar update
13.05Lunch Break (Bring your own food!)
13.40Tour of JBO labs and telescopes (meet in foyer)
14.10Group photo under the Lovell Telescope (weather permitting!)
Stars & Interstellar Medium 14:20 Albert Zijstra Overview
14:30 Ana Cabral Star Formation
14:40 Paul Woods Astrochemistry and astromineralogy in the Large Magellanic Cloud
14:50 Iain McDonald Rusty old stars: iron grains in stellar ejecta
15:00 Isabel Aleman Modelling the H2 infrared emission of the Helix nebula cometary knots
15:10 Cezary Szyszka Hubble Space Telescope observations of the Bug Nebula
15:20 Foteini Lykou Discs around old stars
Solar Physics 15:30 Philippa Browning Overview
15:45 Michael Bareford Coronal loops and nanoflares
16.00Coffee Break (Tea/coffee and biscuits provided)
ALMA 16:15 Anita Richards The cool universe
e-Merlin 16:30 Simon Garrington ???
Instrumentation 16:45 Ralph Spencer Radiointerferometry and optical fibres
17:00 Bruno Maffei Overview of Radio Astronomy Technology group activities
17:15 Chris Shenton Development of a Highly Integrated Direct Digital Receiver for the SKA
18.00Coach departs JBO for Turing