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The Alan Turing Building
The Alan Turing Building

The meeting was held in the Alan Turing Building at the University of Manchester. The Alan Turing Building is new, constructed between 2005 and 2007, so GPS devices may not be able to find the right place. It is not in Google Maps; the building is sited on a former car park behing the Schuster Building, shown here.

Getting here

By car

The easiest way to get directions is to enter "M13 9PL" as your destination postcode into Google Maps or your GPS unit. This will probably bring you to Oxford Road, which is in the centre of Manchester. If you are coming up from the South on this road, then you will pass a large circular building on your right before passing under a red brick building. Take the right after this red brick building. If coming in from the North, then turn left just before a red building going over the road. At the traffic lights down this road turn right and you will come to the Aquatics car park. Park here (the cost is £5 per day); the Alan Turing Building is the silver building just South of this car park.

By train

The nearest train station is Manchester Piccadilly. Exit the station from the South entrance using the escalators between Platform 10 and Sainsbury's (go down two layers). This will bring you to the taxi rank. From here, either catch a taxi (5-10 minutes), or walk (10-15 minutes).

If you are walking, then cross the cross-roads in front of you diagonally and head under the railway bridge. Immediately after the railway bridge, turn right onto the former UMIST campus. Go straight to the end of this road (passing a barrier) At the end of the road there will be a security lodge on your left. Turn left; you will pass under a white building that goes over the road. Following the pavement will take you under an overpass; take the next left and you will go under the Mancunion Way overpass. Continue, and you will cross a single-way road. You will then come to a complex pedestrian crossing; go across the first crossing, then turn right and cross the multi-lane road. Once across, turn left and walk south for 5 minutes. After crossing over a road (be careful of cars turning!) you will come to a silver-coloured building on your right; this is the Alan Turing Building.

Getting around Manchester

The University of Manchester is south of Manchester City Centre. The Alan Turing Building is on Upper Brook Street; the main road is Oxford Road to the west. If you go south on this road, you will come to the Curry Mile, which has a large number of restaurants mostly specialising in curry. If you go north, you will come to a circular building (the central library). Go east (right) here and you will come to the City Centre, home to a number of shops and cafe's.

Useful information

The following webpages give useful information about the University of Manchester and Manchester in general: