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The meeting was held in Room G205 of the Alan Turing Building (see this page for directions to the building). Below is the list of the times, speakers and titles for the talks. Presentations were 20 minutes long, and were followed by 5 minutes for questions.

15 September
12.30Start of meeting
14.00–14.25Stephen Appleby, University of Manchester
Searching for viable F(R) modified gravity models
14.25–14.50Shaun Thomas, UCL
Weak Lensing and Modified Gravity
14.50–15.15Iain Brown, Universitaet Heidelberg
Averaging Robertson-Walker Cosmologies
15.45–16.35Sarah Church, Stanford University
Measurements of the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation with QUaD
16.35–17.00Alan Duffy, University of Manchester
Dark Matter Haloes in WMAP5
17.00End for the day
16 September
09.30Start for the day
09.30–09.55Christian Byrnes, ITP, Heidelberg
Large non-Gaussianity from slow-roll inflation
09.55–10.20Simeon Bird, IoA, Cambridge
Fine-tuning criteria for inflation
10.20–10.45Laila Alabidi, Queen Mary, University of London
Single-Field Models of Inflation after WMAP5
11.15–11.40Apostolos Pilaftsis, University of Manchester
F_D Term Hybrid Inflation and Gravitinos
11.40–12.05Narendra Sahu
Natural keV Dark Matter via the Supersymmetric Higgs Portal and Small Scale Structures
12.05–12.30Rose Lerner, Lancaster University
Transient Breakdown of Slow-roll and Homogeneity During Inflation: Step Features with a Space-Dependence.
14.00–14.25Richard Battye, University of Manchester
Cosmic string power spectra and their consequences
14.25–14.50Neil Bevis, Imperial College
Cosmic strings under WMAP5+
14.50–15.15Martin Kunz, University of Sussex
How acausal do active sources have to be to fit the WMAP data?
15.45–16.10Frank Deppisch, University of Manchester
Right-handed Sneutrinos as Cold Dark Matter in the F_D Term Model of Hybrid Inflation
16.10–16.35Stephanie Stuckey, University of Sussex
Cosmic Strings:Loops and Small Scale Structure
16.35–17.00Senthooran Rajamanoharan, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Cusps in DBI strings with junctions
17.00End for the day
17 September
09.30Start for the day
09.30–09.55Mathieu Remazeilles, LPT Orsay
Dissipation and nonlocality in a general expanding braneworld universe
09.55–10.20Hooshyar Assadullahi, ICG, Portsmouth
Generation of gravitational waves in an early matter era
10.20–10.45Joao Rosa, University of Oxford
Resonant Particle Production in Branonium
11.15–11.40Mr Huiquan Li, University of Sussex
Inhomogeneous tachyon condensation
11.40–12.05Maryam Shaeri, Nottingham University
Perturbations in Loop Quantum Cosmology
14.00End of meeting