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Implications of Planck for Fundamental Physics - 28th May 2013

The microwave sky as seen by Planck

The first cosmological results of the Planck satellite will be released in the next few months. These long anticipated results are likely to have a significant impact on our understanding of fundamental cosmology, in particular reducing the parameter space for inflationary models and constraining w, the number of relativistic degrees of freedom, neutrino masses and variations in the fine structure constant. This meeting will present the results to the UK community and allow others in the scientific community to present their first reactions.

The Scientific Organising Committee for this meeting are Richard Battye (Manchester, Chair), Carsten van de Bruck (Sheffield), Jeff Forshaw (Manchester), Anupam Mazumdar (Lancaster) and Celine Boehm (IPPP).

We are grateful to the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology and the Consortium for Fundamental Physics for sponsoring this meeting.


10:30 Andrew Jaffe (Imperial) An overview of the Planck mission
11:15 Steve Gratton (IoA, Cambridge) Cosmological parameters and constraints on inflation from Planck
12:00 Paul Shellard (DAMTP, Cambridge) Constraints on non-Gaussianity and Topological Defects from Planck
12:30 Anna Bonaldi (Manchester) Cosmological constraints from Planck SZ cluster counts
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Daniel Baumann (DAMTP, Cambridge) Effective Theories of Inflation after Planck
14:40 David Lyth (Lancaster) The CMB asymmetry from inflation
15:10 Tea break
15:40 David Wands (Portsmouth) The curvaton model after Planck
16:20 John Ellis (King's College London & CERN) Crossing the scalar Rubicon - again?
17:00 Close


The registration fee is £10. Registration closed on 17 May 2013.


The meeting is taking place at the Barnes Wallis Building at the University of Manchester. It is building 9 on the Campus maps. Local directions are below; more details are available as a PDF.

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Liverpool John Lennon Airport (about 35 miles from Manchester) offers cheaper Easyjet flights; there is a direct Terravision bus link available from Liverpool Airport to Manchester City Centre.


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