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e-MERLIN Science Meeting

University of Manchester 10-11 April 2014


Thursday 10 April

Welcome (Simon Garrington, Manchester)

Session 1: Extragalactic Astronomy - chair: Martin Hardcastle

The SuperCLASS project (Richard Battye, Manchester)

Resolving key questions in extragalactic jet physics (Robert Laing, ESO)

The lensing legacy project and radio-"quiet" objects (Neal Jackson, Manchester)

Central images in lens systems with e-MERLIN (Jonathan Quinn, Manchester)

RadioNet (Anita Richards, Manchester)

Practical wide-field imaging using e-MERLIN and AIPS (Nick Wrigley, Manchester)

The e-MERGE project (Tom Muxlow, Manchester)

The eMERLIN legacy project LIRGI: Luminous Infrared Galaxy Inventory (Ruben Herrero-Illana, Andalucia)

First sub-arcsec resolution observations of the GOODS-N region at 5 GHz: the origin of radio emission in distant galaxies (Daria Guidetti, Bologna)

LEMMINGs (Ian McHardy, Southampton)

e-MERLIN and JVLA results on IC10 (Elias Brinks, Hertfordshire)

Friday 11 April

Session 2: Galactic astronomy - chair: Melvin Hoare

e-MERLIN observations of Betelgeuse (Anita Richards, Manchester)

The PEBBLES project (Jane Greaves, St Andrews)

Novae (Tim O'Brien, Manchester)


e-MERLIN Measurements of the DG Tau Jet: Status Update from the Thermal Jets Legacy Programme (Rachael Ainsworth, DIAS, Dublin)

e-MERLIN observations of W49 (Sandra Etoka, Hamburg)

Phase-lag distances of OH masing AGB stars (Dieter Engels, Hamburg)

Interferometric observations of S140 (Luke Maud, Leeds)

COBRAS (Danielle Fenech, UCL)

SERPENT (Luke Peck, UCL)

The e-MERLIN pipeline (Megan Argo, Manchester)