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OCRA-p observations V407 Cyg at 30 GHz

Following from the Fermi announcement of gamma rays potentially associated with V407 Cyg, the OCRA collaboration made a series of measurements of the 30GHz flux density of the source between 24 March and 3 October 2010. We announced our initial detections on 25 March 2010, and the complete dataset on 3 October 2010.

We have made the measured flux densities available to download. The file includes the Modified Julian Day Number of the observations, the date in yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss format, the filename of the measurement record and the flux density in milliJansky and its error. It also includes the averages for each observing session. The measurements are plotted below:

Timeline of the OCRA-p measurements of V407 Cyg

The measurements have been calibrated to NGC7027 at a 2010.0 value at 30GHz of 5387±40mJy. The daily averaged measurements use a weighted mean and the scatter on the data points; the errors do not include systematic or calibration errors (estimated to be ~8% of the source flux density). The full details of the calibration can be found in Peel (2009), Gawronski et al. (2010), and Peel et al. (2010). The source position observed was RA: 21h 02m 09.8s, Dec: +45d 46m 33.0s (J2000).

If you make use of this data, please reference ATEL #2905.

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