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Manchester Microlensing Conference 2008

Manchester Microlensing Conference 2008 - Workshop

The first two days of M2C were devoted to a Workshop, primarily aimed at early-stage researchers. The Workshop comprised a series of master classes on key topics in microlensing.

Some of the master classes included live demonstrations of data reduction and modelling software often used in microlensing. By kind permission of the Workshop lecturers, some of the software and tutorials are being made available for general use.

Crowded Field Photometry and Difference Imaging
Przemek Wozniak

Prof Wozniak's web-based DIA tutorial is available from here

Galactic Structure from Microlensing
James Binney

A Zip compressed archive of Prof. Binney's microlensing model programs can be obtained from here

Cosmological Microlensing
Joachim Wambsganss

Prof Wambsganss may be contacted directly if you wish to use his cosmological microlensing simulation programs. Please email him at jkwat.pngari.uni-heidelberg.de

Modelling Non-Planetary Microlensing Events
Martin Dominik

Dr Dominik's web-based binary lens plotter may be accessed either from here (Manchester) or here (St Andrews). The exercise sheet used in the workshop is available as a PDF file