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PSRCAT - The Australia Telescope National Facility Pulsar Database. A searchable database of pulsars, with the option of displaying a large number of variables.

EPN - The European Pulsar Network Data Archive. Display and download EPN and ASCII data files and display GIF images of pulse profiles over different wavelengths.

SNR - The Supernova Remnant Catalogue. Positions, sizes, brightnesses, spectral indices, types and references for 231 SNRs.

Globular Clusters - text file containing a tabular list of globular cluster properties

Pulsars in Globular Clusters - HTML file containing a tabular list of pulsars in globular clusters.

SIMBAD - general astronomical software database search engine.

Multiwave - an all-sky imaging service producing pictures from radio to gamma-ray wavelengths.

HEASARC - searchable catalogue of high-energy sources from various missions (ASCA, BeppoSAX, Chandra, ROSAT, RXTE, XMM-Newton, CGRO).

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