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GHRSS - GMRT High Resolution Southern Sky survey of pulsars and transients (discovery and updates)
Last updated: 27 Mar 2017

GHRSS - GMRT High Resolution Southern Sky survey of pulsars and transients - is an ongoing off galactic plane survey with the GMRT. The sensitivity of the GMRT combined with the sophisticated and flexible software backend (GSB) makes it the premier instrument for searching for millisecond pulsars (MSPs) and extra-galactic radio bursts (FRBs) in the southern sky. The simultaneous time domain and imaging capability of this survey provides an unique opportunity of discovery and simultaneous localisation of pulsars and FRBs. GHRSS is an off the galactic plane (|b|>5) survey scanning a portion of sky having declination -40 to -54 at 322 MHz, i.e. declination complementary to other ongoing low frequency surveys with GBT and LOFAR. This portion of sky is not surveyed at frequencies less than 1.4 GHz for last two decade. This survey uses the high resolution survey modes in the GMRT software backend. The survey sensitivity is 0.5 mJy, which is comparable to the surveys conducted with GBT and LOFAR. The bandwidth of 32 MHz, and sampling rate of 30.72 micro seconds GHRSS generates 76 GB per 20m pointing. Data processing is done in IBM cluster at NCRA and Hydrus supercomouter at JBCA, Manchester. This project is funded by Marie Curie grant PIIF-GA-2013-626533 of European Union of B. Bhattacharyya. A paper describing initial discoveries and the survey parameters can be found here.

Following is the list of pulsars discovered with the GHRSS survey (all the pulsars are confirmed with follow-up observing epochs)
Pulsar name Period DM
J0418-42 757.11 ms 26.1 pc/cc
J0514-44 320.27 ms 15.38 pc/cc
J0703-50 666.00 ms 98.7 pc/cc
J0919-42 812.62 ms 57.8 pc/cc
J1239-48 653.89 ms 107.6pc/cc
J1255-46 52.03 ms 42.9 pc/cc
J1456-48 533.81 ms 133.0 pc/cc
J1516-43 36.02 ms 70.25 pc/cc
J1559-44 1169.89 ms 122.0 pc/cc
J1708-52 449.62 ms 102.7 pc/cc
J1726-52 631.84 ms 119.7 pc/cc
J1947-43 180.94 ms 29.9 pc/cc
J2141-52 5.04 ms 19.6 pc/cc