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Jodrell Bank in the News

This is a selection of recent media coverage relating to Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.
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Putting limits on gravitational waves from the Crab Pulsar

2nd June 2008 - PhysOrg - "Heart of the Crab Pulsar probed"

2nd June 2008 - Red Orbit - "Astronomers Peer Deep Inside Crab Pulsar"

4th June 2008 - Cosmos Magazine - "What's slowing the Crab Pulsar?"

13th June 2008 - Science News - "Not a ripple"

Other coverage of this story includes: "LIGO observations probe the dynamics of the crab pulsar" - 7thSpace Interactive, NY; "New information about the heart of the Crab Pulsar revealed" - Science Centric, Bulgaria; "LIGO Observations show that gravitational waves not putting the brakes on Crab Pulsar" - Space Fellowship; "Search for Gravitational Waves has Revealed New Information" -, Australia;

'Plant the Planets'

6th June 2008 - Congleton Guardian - "Solar system planting"

23rd May 2008 - Chester Chronicle - "A blooming sucess"

Weird stellar pair

15th May 2008 - Science (online, subscription) - "An Eccentric Pulsar: Result of a Threesome?"

23rd May 2008 - Manchester Evening News - "In a spin through space"

30th May 2008 - Daily Telegraph - "Fat, eccentric star puzzles astronomers"

Other coverage of this story includes: "Astronomers mystified by 'weird' star" - Daily News & Analysis, India; "Astronomers baffled by strange fast-spinning star" - The Hindu, India; "Astronomers mystified by 'weird' star" - Independent Online, South Africa; "Astronomers baffled by weird, fast-spinning pulsar" - Tehran Times, Iran; "Astronomers baffled by ’super fast star’" -, Thailand; "Astronomers mystified by `weird` star" - Antara, Indonesia; "Astronomers mystified by `weird` star" - Gulf Times, Qatar; "Astronomers find strange spinning star" - ScienceAlert, Australia; "An obese oddball of a star has left astronomers wondering how it formed" - 7thSpace Interactive, NY; "Astronomers realize don't know much about Astronomy" - Macedonia Online; "Astronomers baffled by weird, fast-spinning pulsar" - Daily Times, Pakistan; "Weird star baffles experts" -, South Africa; "Pulsar stumps astronomers" - Science Centric, Bulgaria; "Strange New Pulsar Discovered" - Popular Science, NY; "Recently Discovered Pulsar Has Scientists Stumped" - DailyTech, IL; "An astronomical head-scratcher" - Ars Technica, MA;

Panorama: The challenge of the sixties

14th May 2008 - BBC News - "Guesses for an extraordinary decade" - TV programme featuring Sir Bernard Lovell reflecting on his predictions at the beginning of the 1960's

Go North West: Visiting Jodrell Bank

7th May 2008 - Granada TV - "Go North West" - TV programme about visiting Jodrell Bank

Those Were the Days: 1969 Moon Landing

23rd Apr 2008 - ITV3 - "Those Were The Days" - TV programme featuring Bob Pritchard recalling his observations of the 1969 Moon landing made from Jodrell Bank

23rd Apr 2008 - DigiGuide - "1969 and all that"

Square Kilometre Array Development

17th Apr 2008 - ITWeb South Africa - "SKA race hots up"

7th May 2008 - EuroNews Futuris - "Building the world's biggest telescope" - Click on video link to see the TV clip

9th May 2008 - Engineering News - "South Africa ramps up SKA preparatory work as 'friendly' competition with Australia intensifies"

Inclusion of Effelsberg Telescope in e-EVN

9th Apr 2008 - - "The largest synthesized telescope in Europe doubles its surface"

11th Apr 2008 - - "The largest synthesized telescope in Europe doubles its surface"

Other coverage of this story includes: "Europe creates largest radio telescope network" - Europa and Cordis News Belgium;

Astronomers find embryonic planet

2nd Apr 2008 - The Times - "It’s just a baby now . . . but one day it’ll be a gas giant"

2nd Apr 2008 - Daily Telegraph - "Baby planet found around star HL Tau"

2nd Apr 2008 - BBC news website - "Astronomers see 'youngest planet'"

2nd Apr 2008 - Daily Mail - "Discovered: Planet dubbed 'baby Jupiter' that will grow up into a gas giant"

2nd Apr 2008 - New Scientist - "Has the youngest known planet been spotted?"

2nd Apr 2008 - Scientific American - "Astronomers find new planets, including a baby"

Other coverage of this story includes: " Astrophysicist tells of the 'eureka moment' when Scots university team made an amazing discovery deep in space" - The Scotsman; "Astronomers identify the youngest forming planet yet seen" - Top News India; "Astronomers identify the youngest forming planet yet seen" -; "Astronomers identify the youngest forming planet yet seen" - The Cheers Magazine; "New planet search methods push tally near 300" -; "Youngest planet discovered - Zee News, India; "Astronomers find baby planet, just 1,600 years old" -; "Scientists find embryonic planet" - Press TV, Iran; "New planet search methods push tally near 300" - USA Today; "Astronomers find 10 new planets" -, The Australian, PerthNow, AdelaideNow, The Mercury, Melbourne Herald Sun, Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph, The West Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Special Broadcasting Service, Brisbane Times; "Astronomers find baby planet" -; "Astronomers find new planets, including a baby" - Malaysia Star; "Youngest Planet Ever Discovered Offers Unique View Of Planet Formation" - Science Daily; "Astronomers find new planets, including a baby" - New Zealand Herald; "Astronomers find new planets, including a baby" - Javno, Croatia; "SuperWASP robots spot new planets near solar system" - Daily Telegraph, Australia; "Astronomers find embryonic planet" -; "Astronomers find embryonic planet" -; " Astronomers find new planets, including a baby" - China Daily; "Astronomers find new planets, including a baby" - Antara News, Indonesia; "Astronomers find new planets" - TV New Zealand; "Ten new planets found outside our solar system" - The Pensinsula, Qatar; "Team of astronomers finds embryonic planet" - Science Centric, Bulgaria; "Astronomers find embryonic planet" - Press Zoom, Netherlands; "Astronomers find new planets, including a baby" -; "Newborn planet is youngest ever found" - National Geographic; "New planets outside solar system" - The Times of India; "New Planet Search Methods Push Tally Near 300" -, Texas; "Newborn planet is youngest ever found" - KazInform, Kazakhstan; "Astronomers see 'youngest planet'" - Tehran Times; "Witnessing a planet's birth" - Astrobiology Magazine; "New star at Jodrell Bank" - Manchester Evening News;

LOFAR - new Europe-wide radio telescope

30th Mar 2008 - The Observer - "Europe-wide radio net in aliens search"

Other coverage of this story includes: "Euro boffins search for aliens" - The Inquirer; "Euro-net could be key to Jodrell Bank's future" - Liverpool Daily Post;

Future funding of the MERLIN/VLBI National Facility

4th Mar 2008 - The Guardian - "UK telescopes under threat from cuts"

4th Mar 2008 - BBC News website - "Deadline looms for science cuts"

6th Mar 2008 - The Times - "World-leading telescopes face being shut down to save £2.5M"

6th Mar 2008 - The Times - "Turning a blind eye to a magic kingdom of marvellous things"

6th Mar 2008 - BBC Radio 4 Today programme

6th Mar 2008 - BBC TV News - Jodrell Bank facing closure"

6th Mar 2008 - BBC TV News - Patrick Moore campaigns for Jodrell"

6th Mar 2008 - Manchester Evening News - "Jodrell Bank under threat" - also see this TV clip from Channel M

7th Mar 2008 - Daily Mail - "World-famous Jodrell Bank telescope could close"

8th Mar 2008 - The Times - "The visionary whose faith in science is focused on infinity" - interview with Sir Bernard Lovell

8th Mar 2008 - The Daily Mail Leader - "Jodrell must be saved"

10th Mar 2008 - The Independent - "Jodrell Bank's closure proves we no longer tread boldly toward frontiers of science"

Other coverage of this story includes: "Closure threat for Jodrell Bank" - BBC website; "From Sputnik to supernova" - Manchester Evening News; "Britain's historic eye on the sky 'to go blind'" - The Daily Mail; "Government set to 'destroy' UK radio astronomy" - The Register; "MERLIN project a world-beater - Manchester Evening News; "UK's world-class astronomy project faces closure" - The Guardian; "More gloom for UK astronomy" - Astronomy Now; "Jodrell Bank may close down" - Slashdot; "Founder condemns 'disastrous' plan to close Jodrell Bank" - The Times; "For 50 years, it has watched the stars. Now, to plug a black hole in the budget, Jodrell Bank may close" - The Independent; Jodrell in axe fear" - Daily Mirror; Is Labour's love affair with science over?" - The Guardian; "Star Wars fight to save Jodrell Bank" - Manchester Evening News; "Boost for Save Jodrell campaign" - Manchester Evening News; "Why save Jodrell?" - Manchester Evening News; "Jodrell Bank to close 'because scientists voted for own plans'" - The Times; "Peer review may not be perfect but alternatives are worse" - The Times; "Astronomers fight to save landmark telescope" - Crewe Chronicle; "Iconic Telescope" - Macclesfield Express; " UK's Jodrell Bank radio telescope on eBay" - New Scientist; "MPs back Jodrell Bank battle" - Manchester Evening News; "Little star of Jodrell Bank" - Manchester Evening News; "Author joins Jodrell battle" - Manchester Evening News; Students campaign for Jodrell - Manchester Evening News; "Campaign to save Jodrell Bank" - Northwich Guardian; "Good night Jodrell Bank" - The New Statesman; "Conversation between Secretary of State for Innovation and Skills and Citizens" - eGov Monitor; "Save 'modern wonder of world'" - Manchester Evening News; "Threatened Jodrell Bank given backing" - Crewe Chronicle; "Iconic UK telescope faces closure" - Physics World; "Radio telescopes are threatened" - Northwich Guardian; "Anxious wait for Jodrell Bank" - Crewe Chronicle; "Jodrell banks on facts" - Knutsford Guardian;"'Funding stranglehold' on science" - BBC News website; "Government 'stifling scientists'" - Press Association; "'Funding stranglehold' on science" - BBC News website; "Blame Gordon for Jodrell's woes" - The Times; "Ministers won't help Jodrell Bank" - Manchester Evening News; "Osbourne blames government for telescope threat" - Macclesfield Express; " 'Alice' loss would 'waste £25m'" - BBC News; "Extension for science park" - Manchester Evening News; "Cuts threaten UK role at LHC" - Physics World; "Astronomers 'must make own case'" - BBC News; "Astronomers 'must make own case;" - KazInform, Kazakhstan; "Is Cheshire star on the wane?" - Chester Chronicle; "Save Jodrell Bank" - Runcorn and Widnes World; "'Black hole' in UK science funding" - BBC News including BBC Newsnight TV piece; "Science cuts: funding chief has his say" - BBC News; "An astronomer's view of funding cuts" - BBC News; "'Threat to close Jodrell Bank'" - Patrick Moore on BBC's Sky at Night; "Science cuts threaten Jodrell Bank radio telescope" - World Socialist website; "Vicar's son works to save Jodrell Bank" - Widnes and Runcorn World; "Save Jodrell Bank: the song" - The Guardian; "Jodrell gets message from 'stars'" - Manchester Evening News; "Songs about science part VI: 'Don't go messing with our telescope'" - Nature; "'No decision yet' on Jodrell Bank" - Manchester Evening News; "Ministers criticised over science budget" -; "UK scientists 'let down by govt'" -; "Report slams UK's leading physics funding agency" - Physics World; "Scientific research funding 'neglected'" -; "Mp's criticise handling of research funds" - The Guardian; "'Risk posed to science facilities'" - Channel 4 News; "Top physicist is urged to quit over failings, flaws and secrets" - The Times; Science cuts 'hit UK reputation'" - BBC News; "MP's report blames Government and a quango for science funding crisis" - The Daily Telegraph; "Top science institutes at risk" - Sky News; "Jodrell decision slammed" - Manchester Evening News; "UK physics chief next for the chop in funding bloodbath?" - The Register; "Report slams observatory job cut threat - The Scotsman; "Facing the Black Hole" - The Engineer; "UK science looks 'incompetent' after funding fiasco" - New Scientist; "Science facilities 'at risk' after budget mismanagement" - Chester Standard, Chester Evening Leader, Fleetwood Today, Ellesmere Port Standard; "'Risk posed to science facilities'" - The Press Association; "MP's say funding cuts damage UK's science prestige" - Electronics Weekly; "Science cuts 'damaging' UK's reputation" - What PC?, Computing,, CRN, IT Week, Personal Computer World; "Stark message in the sky: Funding dries up for British astronomers" - The Independent; "Jodrell Bank - a glimmer of hope?" - Manchester Evening News; "Stephen Hawking: ministers’ £80m error puts science at risk" - The Sunday Times; "Stephen Hawking warns Government over 'disastrous' science funding cuts" - The Daily Telegraph; "Hawking criticizes research cuts" - United Press International;

Science Week 2008 - is there life on other planets?

11th Mar 2008 - The Daily Telegraph - "National Science Week 2008: alien life begins at home" (view Jodrell webcast)

Discovery of giant extrasolar planets

15th Feb 2008 - Manchester Evening News - "New solar system discovered"

21st Feb 2008 - BBC Radio 4 Material World - "Gravitational lenses"

Tyre change on Lovell Telescope

5th Feb 2008 - Manchester Evening News - "Great Jodrell Bank hold-up"

6th-13th Feb 2008 - BBC News national website Big Picture

6th Feb 2008 - BBC News - "Jodrell's pit stop"

Other coverage includes: Macclesfield Express - "Telescope repairs are a tyre-ing job"; Northwich Guardian - "Five days to change tyre (on 250ft telescope)"; The Engineer - "Five days to change a tyre (on a 250 ft telescope)".

Candidate for World Heritage Site?

22nd Jan 2008 - - "World's finest tech sites immortalised"

26th Jan 2008 - The Times - "Jodrell Bank zooms in on heritage status"

26th Jan 2008 - The Times leading article- "Science and Serendipity"

Other coverage includes: - "Editor's Blog: The pyramids versus Macclesfield"; Manchester Evening News - "A place amongst the stars"; Knutsford Guardian - Jodrell to star among world greats.

Square Kilometre Array

1st Jan 2008 - Sky TV News - "Space-age telescope for Cheshire"

MERLIN imaging of extragalactic jet crashing into nearby galaxy

17th Dec 2007 - BBC website - "Black hole bully blasts galaxy"

Dust in the wind of black holes

Oct 9th 2007 - - "Cosmic factories produce rubies and sapphires"

Oct 9th 2007 - National Geographic - "Week in photos"

Oct 10th 2007 - USA Today - "Dust in black hole winds helped form early stars"

Oct 11th 2007 - The Economist - "Space dust blowing in the wind"

Oct 11th 2007 - FOX News - "Quasars Found to Spit Out Rubies, Sapphires"

Jodrell Bank chosen as global headquarters of Square Kilometre Array (SKA)

4th October 2007 - BBC website - "Largest telescope plans unveiled"

4th October 2007 - Daily Telegraph - "Largest radio telescope base to be in Britain"

4th October 2007 - Channel 4 News - "UK to host telescope headquarters"

Other coverage includes: The Register - Manchester Uni wins radio telescope HQ"; Mens News Daily - "Construction on massive radio telescope array to begin in 2012"

Space 50: UK celebrates 50 years of the Lovell Telescope and the dawn of the space age

4th Oct 2007 - BBC website - Lovell Telescope: 50 years on"

4th Oct 2007 - International Herald Tribune - "Russian and British dignitaries gather to recall Britain's part in Sputnik"

5th Oct 2007 - The Times Higher - Sputnik, Lovell and the dream that inspired me - Colin Pillinger

Other coverage includes: Public Technology - "50 years of spaceflight so far, but what does future hold?"; The Times - "The all-seeing eyes"