Asymmetric Planetary Nebulae V

20-25 June 2010, Bowness-on-Windermere


The proceedings of Asymmetric Planetary Nebulae V are being published online by Ebrary (Palo Alto, CA, USA). Editors for the proceedings are Albert Ziljstra, Iain McDonald and Eric Lagadec. Special thanks to Foteini (Claire) Lykou for her assistance in putting together the proceedings.

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Oral Presentations

Lead author Title Links  
The Editors APN5 Introduction, Table of Contents, Welcome message by the Editor, In Memoriam: John E. Dyson EbraryADS
Kahn, F.D. Closing summary of APN1 EbraryADS
de Marco, O. Rochester White Paper EbraryADS
The Editors Participants' list and conference photo EbraryADS
Parker, Quentin A. Planetary Nebulae Surveys: Past, Present and Future EbraryADS
Sahai, Raghvendra Hunting for Shaping Mechanisms in the Progenitors of Aspherical Planetary Nebulae EbraryADS
Hart, Alexa Proto-Planetary Nebulae with the Spitzer Space Telescope EbraryADS
van Hoof, Peter A. M. Imaging PNe with Herschel-PACS and SPIRE EbraryADS
Kwok, Sun Origin of morphological structures of planetary nebulae EbraryADS
Frew, David J. A view of the solar neighbourhood: the local population of planetary nebulae and their mimics EbraryADS
Delgado-Inglada, Gloria Iron depletion into dust grains in galactic planetary nebulae EbraryADS
Kovacevic, Anna V. A new [OIII] 5007 Galactic Bulge planetary nebula luminosity function EbraryADS
Reid, Warren A. A new luminosity function for PNe in the Large Magellanic Cloud EbraryADS
Maciel, Walter J. Symmetric vs. asymmetric planetary nebulae: morphology and chemical evolution EbraryADS
Alcolea, Javier Mass loss at the AGB and beyond and the asymmetry conundrum EbraryADS
Wittkowski, Markus Structure and shaping processes within the extended atmospheres of AGB stars EbraryADS
Sandin, Christer Measuring and modeling massive stellar winds at the tip of the asymptotic giant branch EbraryADS
Richards, Anita M. S. Unexpected AGB Asymmetries EbraryADS
Amiri, Nikta W43A: magnetic field and morphology EbraryADS
Tafoya, Daniel Morphology of Planetary Nebulae with Water Maser Emission EbraryADS
Vlemmings, Wouter H. T Magnetic fields around (post-)AGB stars and (Pre-)Planetary Nebulae EbraryADS
Matsuura, Mikako Dust at sub-solar metallicity: the case of post-AGB stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud EbraryADS
Lagadec, Eric A VISIR/VLT imaging survey of post-AGB stars EbraryADS
Sabin, Laurence Point-Symmetry types in Planetary Nebulae EbraryADS
Frank, Adam Planetary Nebula Models: From Core to Outflow EbraryADS
Gledhill, Tim M. Integral field spectroscopy of IRAS 18276-1431 and IRAS 16342-3814 EbraryADS
Sanchez-Contreras, Carmen Fast, gusty winds blowing from the core of the pPN M2-56 EbraryADS
Clark, David M. 3-D Study of the Glowing Eye Nebula, NGC 6751 EbraryADS
Aleman, Isabel Modelling H2 infrared emission of the Helix Nebula cometary knots EbraryADS
Goncalves, Denise R. On the construction of a database to search for ICFs that account for asymmetrical nebulae EbraryADS
Karakas, Amanda I. Star evolution from the main sequence to the post-AGB phase EbraryADS
Nicholls, Christine P. The connection between sequence D and sequence E red giant variables and asymmetric planetary nebulae EbraryADS
Clayton, Geoffrey C. The evolutionary history of the R Coronae Borealis stars EbraryADS
DePew, Kyle Wolf-Rayet Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae: Their Evolution and Properties EbraryADS
Ringat, Ellen UV Spectroscopy of the Central Star of the Planetary Nebula A43 EbraryADS
Townsend, Richard Modeling Ejecta of Massive Stars EbraryADS
Icke, Vincent Eta Carinae, Present and Past EbraryADS
Raga, Alex C. Jets and winds from binary stars EbraryADS
Pittard, Julian M. The Turbulent Destruction of Circumstellar Clouds EbraryADS
Riera, Angels Physical conditions and excitation of FLIERs EbraryADS
Steffen, Wolfgang Criss-cross mapping BD+30 3639: a new kinematic analysis technique EbraryADS
Huarte-Espinosa, Martin From Bipolar to Elliptical: Morphological Changes in the Temporal Evolution of PN EbraryADS
Wareing, Chris J. Mira: a wonderful prospect EbraryADS
Chesneau, Olivier Observations of dusty torii and compact disks around evolved stars: the high spatial resolution infrared view EbraryADS
Gielen, Clio Stable discs around Galactic and LMC post-AGB binaries EbraryADS
Lykou, Foteini Dusty discs around evolved stars observed at high angular resolution EbraryADS
Verhoelst, Tijl A circumbinary dust disc in the making: the semi-detached evolved binary SS Leporis EbraryADS
Bilikova, Jana IR Excesses of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae EbraryADS
Gorlova, Nadya HERMES Survey of Binarity in Evolved Stars EbraryADS
de Marco, Orsola New results on planetary nebula shaping and stellar binarity EbraryADS
Santander-Garcia, Miguel The binary central stars of PNe with the shortest orbital periods EbraryADS
Hrivnak, Bruce J. Are PPNe shaped by a binary? Results of long-term radial velocity and light curve studies EbraryADS
van Aarle, Els Post-AGB stars in the LMC as tracers of (binary) stellar evolution EbraryADS
Hillwig, Todd C. The Physical Characteristics of Binary Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae EbraryADS
Hajduk, Marcin Variability of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae in the ASAS Survey EbraryADS
Izzard, Robert, G. The Rise and Phall of Barium Stars EbraryADS
Nordhaus, Jason Two Populations of Companions around White Dwarfs: The Effect of Tides and Tidal Engulfment EbraryADS
Mohamed, Shazrene Modelling the Asymmetric Outflows of Mira-type Binaries EbraryADS
Fitzpatrick, Ben Asymmetry in Common Envelope Ejecta EbraryADS
Evans, Aneurin Drawing parallels between planetaries and novae EbraryADS
Ribeiro, Valerio A. M. Exploring the Morphology of the Expanding Remnants of Classical and Recurrent Novae EbraryADS
Vaytet, Neil Models of interacting winds in the 2006 outburst of RS Ophiuchi EbraryADS
Skopal, Augustin Multiwavelength modeling the SED of stellar explosions EbraryADS
Miszalski, Brent Prediction of close binarity based on planetary nebula morphology EbraryADS
Lopez, Jose A. The kinematics and morphology of PNe with close binary nuclei EbraryADS
Jones, David Abell 41: nebular shaping by a binary central star? EbraryADS
Corradi, Romano L. M. The Necklace planetary nebula: equatorial and polar outflows from a post-common-envelope system EbraryADS
Balick, Bruce Watching PrePNe Evolve: 15 Years of HST Observations EbraryADS
Claussen, Mark J. The Expanded Very Large Array and Observing AGB Stars, pPNe and PNe EbraryADS
Huggins, Patrick J. Prospects for Asymmetric PNe with ALMA EbraryADS
Kastner, Joel H. APNV: A Highly Skewed and Biased Conference Summary EbraryADS

Poster Presentations

A local copy of the posters presentations is also available at higher resolution to the Ebrary versions.
Lead author Title Links  
Exter, Katrina A HERSCHEL study of PNe EbraryADS
Alcolea, Javier SDP Herschel/HiFi results from post-AGB sources EbraryADS
Alcolea, Javier The COSAS survey I: First results from the IRAM mapping survey of 12CO J=1-0 & J=2-1 emission in AGB and early post-AGB circumstellar envelopes EbraryADS
Suarez, Olga Water fountains and H2O-PNe as seen by VISIR/VLT EbraryADS
Day, Fonda H2O masers in the pre-planetary nebula IRAS 18043-2116 EbraryADS
Murakawa, Koji The asymmetric bipolar nebula IRAS 16342-3814 EbraryADS
Verhoelst, Tijl A dam around the Water Fountain nebula EbraryADS
Ruiz-Velasco, Alma E. Circumstellar envelopes of OH/IR stars EbraryADS
Ramstedt, Sofia Imaging the circumstellar dust distribution around AGB stars with the NOT/PolCor instrument EbraryADS
Huggins, Patrick J. The shapes of AGB circumstellar envelopes EbraryADS
Sahai, Raghvendra Young planetary nebulae: Hubble Space Telescope imaging and new morphological classification system EbraryADS
Sahai, Raghvendra Sculpting a bipolar preplanetary nebula with highly-collimated fast jets EbraryADS
Forde, Kieran P. Probing collimated outflows from post-AGB stars with H_2 EbraryADS
Bendjoya, Philippe A new tool for post-AGB SED classification EbraryADS
Weston, Simon Anyone out there? Post-AGB stars in the Galactic halo EbraryADS
Costa, Roberto D. D. Physical parameters and chemical abundances in bipolar PNe EbraryADS
Speck, Angela Can dust and molecules explain the sulphur anomaly in planetary nebulae? EbraryADS
McDonald, Iain Rusty old stars: a source of the missing interstellar iron EbraryADS
Guzman Ramirez, Lizette Double chemistry planetary nebulae EbraryADS
Pena, Miriam Planetary nebulae in NGC 300: the PNLF EbraryADS
Parker, Quentin A. PHR1315-6555: a bipolar Type I planetary nebula in the compact Hyades-age open cluster ESO 96-SC04 EbraryADS
Balick, Bruce Watching planetary nebula grow with HST EbraryADS
Szyszka, Cezary Expansion in the planetary nebula NGC 6302 EbraryADS
Leal-Ferreira, Marcelo 2D_NEB package: a new tool for calculating physical and chemical maps of planetary nebulae EbraryADS
Hebden, Kerry Chemical evolution in NGC 6302 EbraryADS
Sandin, Christer On the chemical composition of the metal-poor planetary nebula PNG135.9+55.9 EbraryADS
Sandin, Christer The role of thermal conduction in WR-type planetary nebulae EbraryADS
Montez Jr., Rodolfo Pushing the envelope: X-rays and PN shaping EbraryADS
Steffen, Wolfgang The evolution of shapes in ballistic non-homologous expansion in PNe EbraryADS
Steffen, Wolfgang SHAPE 2010 EbraryADS
Georgiev, Leonid Can rotating stars shape the planetary nebulae? EbraryADS
Gromadzki, Mariusz Nature of light variations in the symbiotic binary V417 Cen EbraryADS
Torres-Peimbert, Silvia Search for variability in the kinematics of the ionised circumstellar region of M2-9 EbraryADS
Skopal, Augustin Asymmetric ejection of jets from the symbiotic prototype Z Andromedae EbraryADS
Sekeras, Matej Diagnostic of the symbiotic nebula by Thomson scattering EbraryADS
Carikova, Zuzana Probing the symbiotic nebulae by the multicolour photometry EbraryADS
Wood, Peter R. Infrared-selected post-AGB star candidates in the LMC and SMC EbraryADS
Arrieta, Anabel High resolution spectroscopy of NGC 7009 EbraryADS
Fierro, Celia The planetary nebulae NGC 7009 and its central star EbraryADS
Ziegler, Marc UV spectroscopy including ISM line absorption: of the exciting star of Abell 35 EbraryADS
Dalnodar, Silvia The halo of NGC 2438 revisited EbraryADS
Friederich, Felix On the 3D structures of the planetary nebula Abell 43 EbraryADS
Szyszka, Cezary CLOUDY 3D approach to 3D spectroscopy of PN M 2-4 EbraryADS
Garcia-Diaz, Ma. Teresa Dissecting the complex bipolar planetary nebula Hb 5 EbraryADS
Gesicki, Krzysztof The asymmetric nebula M 3-15 EbraryADS
Vaytet, Neil High-speed knots in the hourglass-shaped planetary nebula Hubble 12 EbraryADS
Lloyd, Myfanwy Understanding the Etched Hourglass Nebula - MyCn 18 EbraryADS
Matsuura, Mikako Structure of H_2 molecular knots in the Helix and Dumbbell nebulae EbraryADS
Kimeswenger, Stefan Ionization and recombination timescale and the impact of the analysis of the PNe and VLTP progenitors EbraryADS
Rauch, Thomas Search for mass-ejections from late He-shell flash stars EbraryADS
Su, Kate The nature of the infrared excess around WD 0950+139 EbraryADS
Koning, Nico Morphology of the Red Rectangle proto-planetary nebula EbraryADS
Bright, Stacey N. Aftermath of a merger: the geometry of dust around R Coronae Borealis stars EbraryADS
Moe, Maxwell Population synthesis of galactic PN from strong binary interactions EbraryADS
Miszalski, Brent Dense circumstellar nebulae in wide binary central stars EbraryADS
Jones, David Using SuperWASP to find binary central stars EbraryADS
Jones, David Spatio-kinematic modelling of the double-shelled PN Abell 65 EbraryADS
Tyndall, Amy HaTr 4 - A kinematical study EbraryADS
Sandin, Christer Integral field spectroscopy data reduction made easy with P3D EbraryADS
Stanghellini, Letizia Disclosing the morphology of compact Galactic planetary nebulae EbraryADS

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