3C 272.1


Basic Data
S178 Alpha FR Class ID Spectrum Best z mag. LAS lg P178 D
21.10.60IBTJ Gal0.0040R(c) = 8.11 188.5022.71 14.5


Size: 256.0 × 256.0 arcsec²
LUT: Logarithmic
Beam: 3.86 arcsec
Frequency: 1414 MHz
Method: CLEAN ՘>3.86
Telescope: VLA A+B
Credits: Laing & Bridle (1987)

Identified with the large elliptical galaxy M 84 in the core of the Virgo cluster, 3C 272.1 is the lowest-power DRAGN in our sample. Because of the malmquist bias it is much more representative of the "typical" DRAGNs than the other members of the sample. It is quite small, comperable in size with the observed optical and X-ray diameters of M 84, consistent with the general correlation between size and power in FR I DRAGNs (Fanti et al. 1987).

Laing & Bridle mapped the Faraday Rotation across this object and showed that the rotation is due to gas in front of, but not mixed with, the radio lobes. This gas is visible in soft X-rays (Forman, Jones & Tucker 1984). The Chandra X-ray Observatory has shown that the radio lobes occupy low-density regions surrounded by higher-density X-ray emitting filaments (Finoguenov & Jones 2001).

The Other Images pages has higher resolution images of the central jets. See Alan Bridle's image gallery for more versions of the radio images, with overlays on sky survey and HST images.

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