A 1552


Basic Data
S178 Alpha FR Class ID Spectrum Best z mag. LAS lg P178 D
12.50.94ITTJ Gal0.0843V = 16* 168.0025.15 238.2


Size: 256.0 × 256.0 arcsec²
LUT: Linear
Beam: 5.6 arcsec
Frequency: 1490 MHz
Method: CLEAN ՘>5.6
Telescope: VLA A+B
Credits: Owen, White & Burns (1992)

This twin-tail DRAGN is associated with one of the two bright dumbell galaxies that dominate the distant galaxy cluster Abell 1552. It was not detected in early radio surveys as it is less than one degree from the very bright object Virgo A (3C 274). As a result this object is usually known by its IAU name.

The host nucleus is located at the eastern end of the western bright patch, which is the base of a poorly-resolved jet.

The other bright galaxy in A 1552, 1227+120, is also a DRAGN, but is several times weaker.

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