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VLA and MERLIN Observations of 10 Nearby Starburst Galaxies


The VLA and MERLIN are being used to image 10 nearby starburst galaxies 3 times per year for the next ~5 years. The objective is to detect new radio supernovae and radio supernova remnants, as well as monitoring the luminosity of existing components. It is particularly important to monitor M82 as no new supernova remnants have been seen for 20 years despite an estimated supernova rate of 0.1 per year. The project enables us to investigate methods of measuring star - formation rates in starbursts as well as studying the behaviour of radio supernovae in high pressure enviroments.

The Monitoring calendar

The people involved with the project are Alan Pedlar, Tom Muxlow, Rob Beswick and Megan Argo who are based at the University of Manchester, in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, at Jodrell Bank Observatory and Karen Wills at the University of Sheffield.

The galaxies being studied are:











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