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Alan Pedlar

I'm a professor in the Dept of Physics & Astronomy at theUniversity of Manchester. I'm based at the Jodrell Bank Observatory .

My research interests are currently Active Galaxies. These include starburst galaxies, Seyferts and nearby radio galaxies.

Other research interests have included Radio Recombination Lines, HII regions & the Galactic Centre.

Publications to 2002

Radio studies of Starburst Galaxies - PhD project 2002

H1 absorption - PhD project 2002

M82 movies of H1 and OH absorption

PC231 Wave Optics Notes

SKA Webpage

M82 Webpage (Under Construction)

Outside interests

Member of:-

Buxton Mountaineering Club

The Craven Pothole Club

Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation

Mountain Bothies Association

Last changed ..but not updated properly : June -2004

Alan Pedlar
NRAL, Jodrell Bank
University of Manchester
Nr Macclesfield
SK11 9DL

Room 43. Tel: 01477 571321 . Fax: 01477 571618

Email me at---- ap@jb.man.ac.uk