JVAS/CLASS Gravitational Lens page

Welcome to the JVAS/CLASS gravitational lens systems summary pages

CLASS (Cosmic Lens All-Sky Survey) and JVAS (Jodrell/VLA Astrometric Survey) are surveys of flat-spectrum radio sources designed to identify gravitational lens candidates. Suspected lenses are followed up by higher resolution VLBA and MERLIN studies. JVAS and its associated analysis was completed in 1992, leading to the discovery of five new gravitational lenses. CLASS is a much larger survey, undertaken by groups at Jodrell Bank, Caltech, the University of Pennsylvania, Dwingeloo and the University of Groningen. CLASS is in the final stages of analysis and followup of suspected lenses. These pages collect the results of observations made on the JVAS/CLASS gravitational lenses reported in the literature.


CLASS source B0128+437
CLASS B0128+437
JVAS source B0218+357
JVAS B0218+357
MG/JVAS source MG0414+0534
MG/JVAS MG0414+0534
CLASS source B0712+472
CLASS B0712+472
CLASS source B0739+366
CLASS B0739+366
CLASS source B0827+525
CLASS B0827+525
CLASS source B0850+054
CLASS B0850+054
JVAS source B1030+074
JVAS B1030+074
CLASS source B1127+385
CLASS B1127+385
CLASS source B1152+199
CLASS B1152+199
CLASS source B1359+154
CLASS B1359+154
JVAS source B1422+231
JVAS B1422+231
CLASS source B1555+375
CLASS B1555+375
CLASS source B1600+434
CLASS B1600+434
CLASS source B1608+656
CLASS B1608+656
CLASS source B1933+503
CLASS B1933+503
JVAS source B1938+666
JVAS B1938+666
CLASS source B2045+265
CLASS B2045+265
JVAS source B2114+022
JVAS B2114+022
CLASS source B2319+051
CLASS B2319+051

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