An Atlas of DRAGNs

What's New

New image of 4C 11.71 (NGC 7385), made by Roger Hemlin for his M.Phys. project. Comments have been added to a dozen or so pages; we are now past the half-way point on this.
New, higher resolution images of 4C 35.40 (NGC 6109) and 3C 264, made by Chris Yates and David Russell for the 4th-year M.Phys. projects at Manchester.
The search script has been broken for most of the summer, and the menubar stopped working in Netscape 4.5+, both as a result of somewhat unnecessary security measures at Jodrell Bank and Netscape respectively. In any case, both should be fixed now; please let us know if there is any more trouble.
The Java/Javascript/frames menubar is now running well for most browsers. A "feature" is that the browser "Back" & "Forward" buttons may need two clicks when passing through the "Other image" pages (these buttons work as expected for the rest of the pages). NB as with any frames, Netscape2 doesn't remember frame contents at all.
Search page up and running, with mini-search on index page.
Experimental Java navigation under development. Temporarily, turn off java to get the Atlas in its normal form!
Index page re-vamped.
First stab at filling in the Cosmology page.
The main Atlas images are finally available in the FTP area. Most of the pages have been re-generated so references should now be pretty well up to date.

What Was New

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J. P. Leahy