An Atlas of DRAGNs

What Was New

The old news archive.
Added main image of DA 240 and preliminary version of 4C 11.71. We now have images of everything. There are now some pretty pictures on the glossary and "what is a DRAGN" pages.
Added page on "Anatomy of DRAGNs", defining the terms used in the classification system. Updated the classification page to make use of this.
Added main images of 3C 31 and 4C 73.08. Yet another supplementary image of 3C 272.1 (huge!).
C20 and Supplementary maps now appear on a new set of pages, named "Other images", accessible from the navigation bar on the Main and Data Pages. They now each have a proper image table giving details. We also have new supplementary high-resolution images of 3C 66B, 3C 215, and 3C 272.1. Cluster redshifts have been brought reasonably up to date, and the Tables and references adjusted accordingly.
Icon page speeded up slightly (or at least you can watch it loading bit by bit). Tried GIFs but it didn't make much difference locally, and there is less data to transfer with JPGs. Project page split into "Project" and "Web Pages". Index page revamped a bit.
"Project" page re-organised a bit to give a more coherent description of the Web pages.
Tables revamped. Most significantly, positions are now in a separate table. "Notes on Radio images" is now mostly in place. The key to the "Image table" has been moved from there to the Data Description page. The data on individual sources is now collected together on a "Data page" for each source. This includes radio flux measurements, spectral line fluxes, and some magnitudes not listed on the main pages. Complete references are given. The Main Pages have been re-generated with a new navigation bar that allows access to the data pages. The references have also been updated.
First attempt at the icon page. It is clearly a mistake to use JPEG images here, it takes an age to load. Conversion to GIFs real soon now! Also regenerated the main pages, ironing out a few bugs.
The tables of basic radio data and optical data now exist, although many entries remain to be filled in.
First attempt to generate all the pages. The text is getting there but still no tables or icons.
Well actually there's virtually nothing here yet. I'm only going to start updating this page when the Atlas is a bit less vestigial.

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J. P. Leahy