Current Status


The following images are below our minimum requirements for resolution and/or sensitivity:

3C 48, 3C 274

We have included a link to the exquisite new image of 3C 274 by Owen et al.

In addition there are several other objects where our present images have rather low resolution or sensitivity, and for which we expect to obtain replacements of higher quality. These include:

3C 66B (C20), 3C 67, 3C 84, 3C 109, 3C 200 (C20), 3C 234, 3C 268.3, 3C 295, 3C 300, 3C 326, 4C 73.08, 4C 11.71

We also have new VLA observations of 3C 326 which will be added to the Atlas real soon now...

We have no plan to collect further high-resolution supplementary images, but we'll include any that are sent us!


For a few DRAGNs we haven't made the final C20 images:
3C 31, 3C 84, 3C 153, 4C 73.08, DA 240, 4C 35.40, 4C 11.71, 3C 264
Some of the structural data is still waiting to be measured from these and other recently-made C20 maps. These data should be available real soon now (i.e. we blew the last deadline).


We have very few radio core fluxes and positions at this point. Data from the literature still needs to be proof-read.

Web Pages

There are still plenty of gaps in the Web pages. Many diagrams are missing. The "history of the sample" section is still missing. Many of the Main Pages still lack comments. The Discovery page has not yet been started. There are a few missing and many half-finished entries in the glossary.

FTP Availability

The main images are now available: see the FTP Instructions. The C20 images will probably not be ready until the summer.

Final form

We plan to publish the Atlas data in book form when we have the final versions of all the maps. If there is sufficient demand, we may also be able to issue a CD-rom with the images and tabular data in FITS format, and with a version of these Web pages.
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Last modified: 2000 October 17
J. P. Leahy